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A marketing professional and 20-year AV industry veteran, I am a proud CTS holder and enthusiastic #AVfoodie who is passionate about innovative technologies, design, and all things AV. I love sharing what this dynamic community has to offer and am excited to serve as Community Manager of AVIXA Xchange!

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Replying to Tom Norman

It would be proper recognition of Hedy Lamarr's genius if spread spectrum technology was officially re-labeled as Lamarr Modulation. 

Indeed it would, @Tom Norman

Congratulations, @Jan van Houtte and @Barco!

You are correct, the equation as published is incorrect. In the original chapter text the equation reads correctly. However, I asked the layout people to increase the size of the typeface of the  [bracketed] section of the equation to make it more legible. In the process, the alignment of the text was compromised, an issue that was unfortunately missed by myself, the proofreaders, production editor and technical editors, until the book was already in print. This error was noted in April 2023 and has been marked down for correction in any future reprints. As I'm not sure how to post an image into a comment, I'm sorry that I can't show you the original correct version. Perhaps I'll post it as a separate thread.

Thanks for sharing that with us, @Andy Ciddor.  Xchange's new Discussions feature allows for images to be included. You can just visit the room, click Create and Start a Discussion if you want to post the image referenced. AVIXA CTS Study Group | AVIXA Xchange

@María Eugenia Friedlmeier, I've always enjoyed your articles and comments on Xchange - what a privilege to get to hear your story and learn more about @Molver Technology S.A.! Thanks for letting us get to know you. And, of course, I LOVE hearing how you view and use Xchange! 

Keeping young minds engaged and challenged, getting them excited about learning (and introducing them to career opportunities in tech!)....thanks for sharing the examples, guidelines, and potential of active learning, @Jeroen De Keyser!

Replying to Eric Murphy

Thank you Lisa good information!

Thank you, @Eric Murphy. I'm glad you found it useful, and I appreciate the feedback. 

For anyone wanting to take a deeper dive into content-sharing with the community, please check out How to Write Compelling Content to Engage the Audiovisual Community | AVIXA Xchange.

Replying to Alan C. Brawn

Excellent condensing of the process for a successful post. With 50 years in marketing and 40 years in AV I concur!

Thanks, @Alan C. Brawn! You know how much I value your expertise! I'm hoping to inspire our members to share their projects and knowledge with the community! 

Great story behind this case study. I love that Human Bean is in tune with reducing its customers' frustrations by providing clear, crisp communication that improves efficiency and accuracy. @Panasonic Connect sounds like the perfect solution and partner. Thanks for sharing @Kiosk Manufacturer Association