Lisa Matthews, CTS

Manager, Digital Communities, AVIXA
Daniel Shatzkes

CEO, Harmony Studios Inc.

Maureen Mead

Mid-Atlantic Account Manager, BrightSign

Imed Mhamdi

programmer, MediaCom sa

Ole Johansen Sjurdal

Owner and AV Consultant, AV Consult AS

ClearOne is a global market leader enabling conferencing, collaboration, and network streaming solutions.ClearOne’s easy-to-use, affordable conferencing, collaboration, and streaming solutions deliver an unequaled user experience with unprecedented levels of functionality, reliability, and scalability.
Michelle Grabel-Komar

Vice President, Sales, Full Compass Systems

Jacques Booysen

Consultant, Tungchano

Daniel Sobkowski

Technology Specialist, CTS (Corporate Technology Services)

Antonio Vaca

Project Manager, Dextra Electronics Mexico

I´ve been in this industry since 2002, I graduated from electronics engineering while working as AV designer, after a while I realized that there were many things I couldn´t understand about sound that I was passionated about so I decided to do masters on sound and vibration in Sweden, during all these time had the chance to design and be responsible for relevant projects like Panamerican games athletic stadium, soccer stadiums, arenas, concert halls and many other of all kind
Michael jeffries

Assistant Director AV Technology, Blue Box Management

Christopher Matthias

Audio/Visual Installation Technician , One Diversified

Kevin Taylor

Stagehand , IATSE 8

Videoconferência modelo híbrido para empresas, escolas e home office. Câmeras com rastreamento automático do locutor, headsets com cancelamento de ruídos e automação de ambientes. Somos uma empresa composta por profissionais (engenheiros & técnicos) altamente qualificados, que atuam há 11 anos nas áreas de Telecomunicações, Automação de ambientes, Áudio & Vídeo. A QUADCOMM desde sua fundação conta com colaboradores certificados, pronta para atender ao mercado com a mais alta tecnologia, garantindo excelência no atendimento aos nossos clientes. Com a enorme variedade de equipamentos envolvidos em um projeto de alta tecnologia, se torna indispensável contar com a parceria de uma empresa com as nossas características, onde buscamos aproveitar sempre da melhor maneira, todos os benefícios que estas modernas soluções podem proporcionar aos nossos clientes. Videoconferencing hybrid model for companies, schools and home office. Cameras with automatic speaker tracking, noise-canceling headsets and room automation. We are a company made up of highly qualified professionals (engineers and technicians) who have been working for 11 years in the areas of Telecommunications, Environment Automation, Audio and Video. QUADCOMM since its foundation has certified employees, ready to serve the market with the latest technology, ensuring excellence in service to our customers. With the huge variety of equipment involved in a high-tech project, it is essential to have the partnership of a company with our characteristics, where we always seek to make the best use of all the benefits that these modern solutions can provide to our customers.
Jiří Plátek

marketing manager, AV MEDIA SYSTEMS

Life is miserable without work. But when work is soulless, life suffocates and dies. If all businesses are to be real businesses, then perhaps all offices should be studios. If fostering creativity is the goal for business, then the work environment should offer a more collaborative atmosphere. The creative economy needs independent thinkers who have the freedom and ability to think creatively.
Davide Quarto

Solutions Engineering Team Leader, Powersoft S.p.A.


Senior Support Engineer , Sigma AVIT

Keith Stengl

Consultant Account Manager, Crestron

Elena Mishkareva

Marketing manager, Displayforce

Carlos Bittencourt

Director, QUADCOMM

Engenheiro de Telecomunicações com MBA TV Digital e Novas Mídias de Comunicação e MBA Serviços em Telecomunicações. Sólidos conhecimentos em Comunicação Unificada (UC) e certificado internacionalmente como Engenheiro de Vídeo Conferência (CVE - Certified Videoconferencing Engineer), desde 2001 vem atuando neste mercado com excelência.
Vishnu Rajendran

Manager - Marketing, Inviot AV Solutions Pvt. Ltd.