Welcome to AVIXA® Xchange, AVIXA’s online space for AV professionals to connect and learn! Xchange offers perspectives into the various focuses of the AV industry, sharing new information and resources between professionals at all levels. Whether you’re just getting started in AV or a highly experienced member of the community, Xchange is aimed at providing an active discussion space for all. 

What is Xchange? 

Xchange is our digital community, built by and for AV professionals! Xchange aims to be the space where AV professionals build their personal footprint, sharing insightful content, forming connections through conversation, and keeping up to date on the latest trends and practices.  

Xchange is also a great way to keep up with AVIXA news, events, and initiatives! Throughout the year, AVIXA hosts a variety of learning events and trade shows across the globe. These are especially busy times on Xchange and are a great opportunity to meet other AV professionals digitally! 

What Can I Do? 

Post on Xchange 

First and foremost, you’re able to post on Xchange, an integral part of the experience! Write interesting content, then share it in the appropriate Channel or Room based on the specific solution area or audience. 

Follow Rooms & Channels 

When members interact with your content or write content themselves, you can start a conversation with them in the comments! If specific Channels or Rooms catch your interest, you can watch them, building a handy digest of new content or conversations happening in those spaces! 

Join a Discussion 

Content isn’t required, though: You can simply strike up a conversation or topic using the Discussions feature! Ask technical questions, share your solutions, or just get to know the community. Your knowledge is valuable; for others, they may be encountering a new scenario that you’ve dealt with before. 

Follow Members & Organizations 

Think someone gives good responses, or shares insightful content? You can keep up with their activity on Xchange by following them! Whenever they make a post or respond, you’ll receive a notification of what they’ve been doing on the platform. 

Build Your Profile 

 Be sure to fill out your profile with your information! This lets members and companies know your background, plus acts as a great spot to showcase your accomplishments. Adding qualifications and your relevant industries conveys that you’re an active member of the community! 

Why Should I Use It? 

As you contribute to an active presence on Xchange, you establish your place in the professional AV community, and with it, a positive reputation! Recognition by the community can lead to advantageous outcomes within the industry. You may be considered for career opportunities, asked to be part of a speaking engagement, or even develop business! 

Content posted on Xchange can also be shared on other platforms, like on social media. Your profile and content act as the perfect place to showcase your knowledge and experience, further enhancing your credentials in the AV industry!