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Mar 29, 2022

Started Reading the CTS-D book - sharing what I learnt

⭕ Why Binoculars called Binoculars?👉 The Visual field of a single eye is called Monocular vision and the visual field where the perceived image from both eyes overlaps is called binocular vision - As we see from both eyes its called Binocular⭕ What is Visual field?It is the area that can be seen when a person's head and eye are absolutely still👉 Interesting isn't it ?
Mar 03, 2022

CTS Prep and Test at IC22!

If you’re going to InfoComm 2022, June 8-10 in Las Vegas, earn your CTS while you’re there! Take CTS Prep June 4‑6,  and then take the exam June 7‑10, just steps away from the show floor. Apply to and sign up to take the exam and hold yourself accountable to prepare before the show!
Jan 24, 2022

CTS Exams Online Now

Now that you can take the CTS exam online -- at your own house -- maybe we should do a contest for best slippers for newly-minted CTS holders? Any #CTSPrepper out there interested in sharing their choice of comfy socks or slippers while earning those three letters? 

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