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AVIXA CTS Study Group

A space for those seeking a CTS, CTS-I and/or CTS-D Certification.
Jun 21, 2024

How much math is on the CTS exam?

Greetings, I am prepping for the CTS exam and would like to gain a reference on how much math is on the CTS exam?  Do I need to know all of the formulas explained throughout the CTS prep courses?  Or mainly know the OHMs law and aspect ratio examples that cartoon Tom shows very well?  Will they ask you some ADM and BDM? Cheers
May 16, 2024

Where is material for "Supporting AV System operation"?

The content for the exam falls into four categories, and there is a corresponding online prep course for each category except for Duty C: Supporting AV System Operation. Does anyone know if the content for this category appears in a different course? There are courses for Creating AV Solutions, Implementing AV Solutions, and Servicing AV Solutions but not the above category/job duty.
May 13, 2024

Study content for “Design AV Solutions”

I’m using the online prep materials to study for the CTS exam. The Design AV Solutions section of the “Creating AV Solutions” course appears to have no instructional content. Does anyone know where I can find study materials for this section? I tried reaching out by email to Membership and they said I’m not missing anything, but that doesn’t sound right. The only content for this section is an outline stating the section objectives and the Job Task Analysis which indicates this section comprises 10% of the exam. Surely there must be instructional content for this ten percent!

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