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I am Sunny Rawat and presently assisting our Evertz AV team and organizations like yours to introduce some of Evertz innovative solutions tailored for enterprise broadcast, remote production, and corporate AVoIP, which we believe could greatly benefit your customers.
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Apr 12, 2024
Mar 07, 2024

75" Touch Display

Hello Everyone, I am looking for recommendations for a 75" touch display with simple touch interactivity. I am running a PC with a custom application for a museum type exhibit that is connected via HDMI and USB. I had originally planned on using the Planar URP-75-ERO-T display but I was told that this display is now EOL. I am looking for some replacement options. I have looked at a few others but I keep finding interactive whiteboard models that do not have a way to disable the whiteboard functionality. Each one I have come across still have some icon or button that allows the user to get back to the whiteboard, obviously not ideal for a public facing interactive display. I was wondering if anyone in this group had some recommendations for solving this problem. 

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