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Project Manager , Maktabi Tech

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I specialize in ELV and AV systems for large-scale projects, encompassing both commercial and residential sectors. With a highly organized and collaborative approach, I am recognized for my leadership, accountability, and initiative.

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AV/IT Integration


Engineering Installation IT Project Management


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May 31, 2024

Thank you for this insightful article! It's a useful guide for anyone trying to find their way around the complicated world of AV systems.

May 31, 2024

Thank you for sharing this

May 31, 2024

It's interesting to see how technology has changed these basic office items into places where people can work together and come up with new ideas. 
Thank you for the insightful article Lulia.

Feb 07, 2024

@Mohannad Mousa, CTS, we're delighted to feature you in the Xchange Community Spotlight! You have been an integral member from Day 1 and we value your many contributions! I appreciate your deep commitment to and promotion of industry certifications and I, of course, love how you have embraced Xchange as a means of connecting with and giving back to the community! 

I encourage everyone to explore the "Popular Content" shown on Mohannad's profile. linked above, and to Follow him so you don't miss future posts! 

Thank you so much for the honor, Lisa!  I'm grateful for this opportunity to be a part of such an amazing community. From the very beginning, I've found immense value in connecting with fellow professionals and sharing insights on industry and related topics.

Thank you  @Lisa Matthews, CTS - AVIXA , @Iulia Popescu - AVIXA and @Monisha Devaiah  for your kind efforts ! 

Feb 07, 2024

Having been a fan of F1 for a few years now, the work that goes into every AV aspect of a successful race is astounding, unlike any other sport! Huuuuuge kudos for helping build that experience, and good on you for recognizing just how much of a team effort it is.

Glad to hear that you are a fan of F1 !
The world of F1 is a unique blend of technologies. It's fascinating to see how every aspect of the AV experience contributes to making each race truly unforgettable.

Jan 19, 2024

Anticipating future industry developments becomes exhilarating when envisioning the evolution of emerging technologies. Looking forward to engaging in more discussions about the dynamic convergence of technology and experiences!

Jan 19, 2024

Absolutely agree! The dynamic landscape of remote work demands a robust tech toolkit, and these insights are spot-on.
Thanks for sharing it Lulia ! 

Nov 10, 2023

As nations and sponsors increasingly prioritize audience engagement, the realm of AV technology is poised to shine and expand even further.

Looking to watch this DOME live :)