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Raspberry Audio

I have Raspberry Pi4 for thin client testing and very happy with it. I didn't check the audio and maybe I will go ahead and do that.  Raspberry is pretty helpful as rule (though I work with higher ups).  I might check with them on best support options they recommend as well as taking a look myself. I would simplify things first and see if you can make it work in a more basic configuration.
Sep 22, 2022

Getting music from a Raspberry PI 4

Hi everyone! @Aric Mullins posed a question in the Q&A. I thought I'd bring it into this room to see if anyone could weigh in - His Q: I can not get music from raspberry PI 4. This is my setup; 1 - Raspberry PI 4 1 - HiFi DAC Hat 1 - Monoprice 60 watt amplifier 1 - indoor/outdoor speaker Software; Debian ( https://snapcraft.io/install/iheartradio/raspbian ) iHeartRadio ( https://snapcraft.io/install/iheartradio/raspbian ) Thanks in advance!
Sep 19, 2022

Learn how to create efficient environments with AV technology and earn 1 credit toward CTS.

Join WyreStorm's AVIXA Webinar on Oct 5, 12:00 PM CET, where Zec Voislav will talk about the future of #hybrid technology, UCC solutions, & #AVoIP signal distribution and its benefits. Earn 1 AVIXA RU towards CTS for attending. Learnings: Understand how to implement unified communications and signal distribution for a total solution Learn what aspects AV technology should have in order to approach a project successfully Know how to make meetings and way-finding easier for customers Gage customer experience through modern evolutionary technology Register Now: https://hubs.ly/Q01mdB3P0 Please reach out to me for further questions/inquiries. Thanks.  Samantha Buchanan
Aug 17, 2022

Asset management software

I am working at a large theater in Las Vegas. We are finishing installation of a large scale permanent system for the venue, and are looking for software solutions to maintain and track all maintenance and repairs for our assets. Again, we are not doing any kind of rental business, just working to maintain a repair log for all of our devices. Does anyone have experience with these types of database systems? Do you have any that you can recommend or get or avoid? Much thanks
Aug 05, 2022

K12 AV Instruction

I have created and taught AV in both Public and Private K-12 schools for the last 10 years. The courses are open to all students and there are beginning to advanced courses the students transition into for 3 to 4 years. We mirrored the local Junior Colleges with some college credits being given for students who passed with a B or Higher passing grade. These courses cover photography, videography, TV broadcast, editing, journalism, and all production phases and history of photography and video.
Aug 02, 2022

If You Don't Start with Acoustics, then You're Starting Wrong.

Sorry for all the negatives in the title, yet this is an important area of system design that is typically overlooked, and I wanted to catch your attention! Let me start with the bottom line: If the room you're putting an AV system into has an acoustic problem, then your system has a problem, and will continue to be sub-par until you fix the acoustic problem. More bluntly put, If the room sucks, then you must fix it, or else your system will suck.  The first rule of AV system design is: Solve an acoustic problem in an acoustic manner. This is not just a good idea, it's something that can set you apart from your peers and competitors, endear you to your clients, and make you more satisfied with your own work.  I open this thread in the hopes that it raises awareness of Acoustics as an vital part of our collective best practices. I'll be glad to share what I have learned, and I'm sure I will learn some along the way! 
Jul 29, 2022

K-12/Secondary AV

Hello, I know that we have the Rising Professionals group but I am wondering if we (maybe me) shouldn't start a "group" for K-12 AV professionals working in that part of the industry?  We have higher education, which is a fantastic group, but nothing really for K-12. Perhaps there is no interest, or if there is, let me know. Thank you.
Jun 24, 2022

HDMI Security / HDMI Firewall

Has anyone seen or heard anything about HDMI security vulnerabilities?https://git.cuvoodoo.info/kingkevin/board/src/branch/hdmi_firewall/README.md HDMI vulnerabilities are not a big deal today, but they could become a factor in the future. The post suggests that someone could compromise a display/projector through HDMI as a guest. I think it's far more likely that someone could compromise a projector/display/personal monitor/switcher/transmitter within their organization to infect computers within the organization or guests from outside the organization. I'm sure a motivated actor could find and exploit a vulnerability in one of the myriad end-user-facing HDMI devices on the market today (or "yesterday") The most apparent problem with the 'firewall' proposed is that it breaks HDCP - this seems like something that needs to be solved at the standards level. There's a bunch of intelligent folks discussing this at Hacker News too.https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=31828193

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