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Jan 28, 2023

Question regarding Epson Projector Lumens calculation

Community members, @Jacques Booysen has asked for help in calculating lumens. We'd appreciate your help! "Hi All, In South Africa we work with average 500 lux indoors, I have a 200" screen and would like to find the appropriate projector lumens for it. I'm looking at an Epson EB-PU2216B of 16000 lumens and contrast ratio of over 2500000:1 the calculations doesn't make sense to me although I converted to metric. I'm getting an answer of 10 000000 to the power of 10. please help." @Donato II Oliman , @Huan Phung Thien , @Luis Valenzuela , @Steve James ...others...can you offer assistance here? Thanks!
Oct 04, 2022

Invitation to Participate in User Research

AVIXA is conducting some user research surrounding the IT audience and I am putting out a call for candidates who wish to participate. This would involve a one-hour virtual interview and in exchange for your time and insights, we will offer you a $100 Amazon gift card upon completion of the interview.If interested, please email me directly: jhughes@avixa.org Thank you!

Raspberry Audio

I have Raspberry Pi4 for thin client testing and very happy with it. I didn't check the audio and maybe I will go ahead and do that.  Raspberry is pretty helpful as rule (though I work with higher ups).  I might check with them on best support options they recommend as well as taking a look myself. I would simplify things first and see if you can make it work in a more basic configuration.
Sep 22, 2022

Getting music from a Raspberry PI 4

Hi everyone! @Aric Mullins posed a question in the Q&A. I thought I'd bring it into this room to see if anyone could weigh in - His Q: I can not get music from raspberry PI 4. This is my setup; 1 - Raspberry PI 4 1 - HiFi DAC Hat 1 - Monoprice 60 watt amplifier 1 - indoor/outdoor speaker Software; Debian ( https://snapcraft.io/install/iheartradio/raspbian ) iHeartRadio ( https://snapcraft.io/install/iheartradio/raspbian ) Thanks in advance!

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