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Jun 12, 2024

Measuring the true cost of AI

In Joe Pham’s keynote today, he mentioned his AI text-to-music song cost 4 cents to generate. That sounds cheaper than hiring a human artist, but I’m curious to know the full cost, considering all the compute, storage, inputs, and training required to produce that model. Has anyone seen a good lifecycle analysis of generative AI models? I feel like that is necessary to make a legitimate comparison and decide when genAI is worthwhile.
May 23, 2024

Eurovision 2024

Here's a really interesting article talking about the AV tech that went into the Eurovision broadcast this year.  I think for me, one of the most mindboggling things about the Eurovision design is how that venue needs to be so many different things depending on the performance.  It's not just different setups for ballads vs rock, it's a different setup for -every song-.  And then to take all that and broadcast it to countries all over the world!  What an undertaking.  (I was Team Croatia this year!) Eurovision 2024 makes broadcasting history with ST 2110 (avinteractive.com)
May 14, 2024

¿Visitaste algún museo que haya incorporado en sus exposiciones tecnología audiovisual?

El próximo sábado 18 de mayo se celebra el Día Internacional de los Museos, una oportunidad perfecta para reconocer y valorar la labor de estos espacios que preservan, difunden y fomentan el conocimiento a través de sus colecciones y exposiciones. Cada vez es más común encontrar museos que incluyeron tecnología audiovisual en sus exposiciones con el objetivo de enriquecer la experiencia del público y hacer que la visita sea más interactiva y educativa. ¿Visitaste algún museo que haya incorporado en sus exposiciones tecnología audiovisual? Si es así, ¿cuál fue la experiencia que más te impactó?

Are there any Remote/Work-from-home AV careers?

Since 2020 the idea of Remote work or "working from home" has been a goal for a lot of people. I've been trying to figure out if it's possible to have a remote/WFH career in the AV industry. I'm trying to determine my next steps in my career, and remote/WFH is definitely something of importance to me. If there are positions like that within AV, what are they? And, if that's you, what do you do and how'd you get there?
Apr 12, 2024

Mention someone in the industry that has impacted you on a positive way on your AV career

 For many of us who have adopted AV as a life style, the influence or inspiration from different people within the AV industry might have created a positive impact on our career, maybe because the energy, knowledge, charisma or sympathy. Let’s try to remember a little and share some memories  I start by remembering Tom Tyson, he was Chief field applications engineer at  Bose Professional around 2004 when I met him on a training of Bose Modeler in Dallas Tx, this event was to get the certification of the acoustic prediction software that helps on the sound system design of complex venues for music or speech. I felt inspired because his professionalism and passion teaching and sharing his experience and knowledge was amazing, it was incredible to me that the software I was trying to learn had been design in some part by him, since I was new on sound topics in general, this application blew my mind and pushed me to follow more studies on acoustics, it was very complex and challenging to try to understand all the background of what I was looking at graphs and results. Fortunately, after 4 years or persistence, courage and more inspiration, I had the chance to do a 2 years master program on sound and vibration in Chalmers University of Technology in Gothemburg, Sweden. Measurements at the anechoic chamber,2009 How about you, do you remember someone that has impacted on your life? #inpiration #boseprofessional #Modeler

What are Your Favorite "Behind the Music" Channels and Stories?

What iconic rock band was practicing in the studio when a pizza delivery guy headed down the hall and made history when he asked if he could add a piano track to the song they were rehearsing? I love a good “behind the music” story and Adam Reader, Professor of Rock, referred to as a walking rock ‘n’ roll Wikipedia, has plenty of them! His YouTube channel has over a million weekly viewers. He’s conducted over 600 interviews with absolute rock legends and shares incredible stories of songs and bands from the 60’s to the 90’s. Rick Beato and his channel “Everything Music” is another favorite. He shares his vast experience and knowledge of music as he reviews the mastery behind classic songs. What are some binge-worthy channels you’re watching…and who knows what song the pizza guy played piano for?!!

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