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What AV developments do you want to see in 2024?

Hey folks! I've been curious about this top-line question for this year, not just for developments in technology, but how the industry moves and operates as well. Is there a specific product you want to see from a manufacturer? Are there industry practices you want to see implemented or changed? Things from AV in 2023 that you want to see a change from? I'm curious to hear y'all's thoughts!

Getting into AV: What door did you take?

Hi everyone - Leon here! One of the things I find very interesting about getting together for our tradeshows (like ISE in Barcelona) is getting to meet so many other professionals who have ended up in a very similar place, but who got there in very different ways. Even though we have a number of common paths into our industry, such as working as volunteers or freelancers in what we think is cool before then finding out this love can be a real job and career, I want to hear from you: What was your “door” into AV, either as a profession or a first interest?

Introduction - Sebastian Faura, Specialist, Digital Community at AVIXA

Hello everyone! I'm happy to introduce myself; my name is Sebastian, and I'm joining the team at AVIXA as the Digital Community Specialist! It's great to meet you all! I'll be working with the team here at AVIXA to cultivate the community within the Xchange itself, communicating across spaces and teams to see how we can improve your experience. You'll see me throughout the Xchange as I respond to content or engage in discussions! I'm happy to learn more in the process! A bit of background on me: Prior to joining the team at AVIXA, I worked in the games industry, where I connected developers and publishers with their audiences! I've worked with platform partners like Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation, Valve, and more, as well as coordinating event exhibitions at major events like Gamescom. I have a relatively tech-centric background, and have been working in computer hardware, peripherals, networking, and more for over 15 years! From building my first computer to fully setting up exhibitor booths, I'm passionate about new developments and innovations in interactive experiences. Looking forward to getting to know you all as I explore and get involved in the Xchange!

Tips to access to Immersive Technology?

I have worked in corporate AV for a long time, the main focus being conferencing and collaboration and enabling an equitable work experience in our organization. However being in a stagnant environment where the goal is productivity, increasing profitability  and therefore reducing cost, there is no opportunity to learn new creative tech that is coming our way. Does anyone have tips on how to get experience using new immersive tech (AR, VR, MR etc.) , that is expensive in order to gain experience and professional development? 

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