Lisa Matthews, CTS

Manager, Digital Communities, AVIXA
Akshay Parekh

Jr Project Management, XS Applied


Partner Account Manager, Microsoft

Valdecio pesqueiro

Técnico instalador , FibexAv

Zofia Lavoie

Managing Member, VisionPoint LLC

Alfredo Angeles

Project Manager, Grupo Covix

Chase Moore

Directir, Bespoke-av limited

Christopher Matthias

Audio/Visual Installation Technician , One Diversified

Victor rodriguez

supervisor, Marshall Industries, Inc.

Joseph King

A/V Tech, Imagenet Consulting

Robert Helmholz

Install Tech, Force Tech

Richard Sampson

AV Technician, Branch Audio Visual

COLCOM is the answer to your needs for integrated technology solutions and services in the realm of professional audio-visual and information communication solutions. Our core competencies are in the following areas: • Designing and building solutions according to your needs • Supplying audio-visual hardware • Configuration and Programming • Testing and Commissioning of systems • Training and education on the usage of the system • Maintenance for the longevity of systems • Managing your facilities The cornerstone of our success and a key facet of our mission has always been strict adherence to quality standards and industry best practices. We are proud to hold a variety of accreditation and awards, which demonstrate our commitment to excellence & professional delivery, such as ISO 9001. ESCO is also a proud member of AVIXA. At COLCOM, we are proud of our culture, which transcends the boundaries of region, language, and nationality. We believe in equal opportunity for all, by giving our employees a platform to perform and excel in a customer-focused work environment. Our culture, reinforced by our values, vision, ethics, and team spirit, empowers us to engage with our partners globally and make their experience dealing with us a happy one.
Zakariya PK

Project Manager , Infosight Consultant DMCC

Frank Rojas

Executive Director, SMPL Systems

William Lally

Service Project Coordinator, AVI SPL

Miguel Sierra

Operation Manager , RLA

Chanan Averbuch

EVP of The Americas, Primeview

Primeview was launched in 1997 as a company specializing in Visual Solutions, with a focus on the corporate market. Primeview designs produces and delivers cutting-edge visual display technology for a wide variety of markets. Our diverse team of artists, engineers, animators, producers and developers work seamlessly to bring your vision into reality. From captivating digital-out-of-home (DOOH) engagements, casinos, LED Spectaculars, retail facelifts, hospitality, real-estate sales offices, eSports, workplace ‘wow’ factors, digital art, data visualizations, one-of-a-kind forced prospective or anamorphic environments, we help you elevate your visual experience. Primeview is committed to embracing your content challenges.
Jiří Plátek

marketing manager, AV MEDIA SYSTEMS

Life is miserable without work. But when work is soulless, life suffocates and dies. If all businesses are to be real businesses, then perhaps all offices should be studios. If fostering creativity is the goal for business, then the work environment should offer a more collaborative atmosphere. The creative economy needs independent thinkers who have the freedom and ability to think creatively.