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Hi everyone! i´m very happy to be part of this community! I´m Camila, Head of Marketing at Newtech. I´ve been part of this profession for 10 years, going through different industries and now I have been in the AV industry for 3 years and counting!

I am very excited about all the innovation and constant evolution that this field brings. It is quite a challenge for us marketers.

I would love to hear more from everyone at Avixa Xchange. Let's get in touch!

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10 years in the Marketing world!

Thanks to the debate that took place among colleagues, inspired me to write this article and tell you how my experience has been so far. I´ve been a Marketer for about 10 years, since I began my career in this incredible and changing world.

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Feb 15, 2024

Great insights @Monisha Devaiah 

Overall, the key takeaway for me was the need for a holistic marketing approach that integrates creativity, data, talent, and societal responsibility. By understanding the interconnectedness of these elements and their impact on the customer journey, marketers can better align their efforts with business objectives and drive meaningful results.

Adding @Camila Chavarri @María Eugenia Friedlmeier since I believe the topic might be interesting to them as well :)

Thanks Fran for adding me in here! unfortunately i couldn´t attend ISE24 but all this information is very interesting.

I believe that a strong marketing team shoulg have a balance between all these skills. If everyone understands where the brand or company goes, the quantitative and qualitative objectives, and what is needed to achieve the proposed goals, it´s necessary to have each of them in a greater or lesser percentage according to the role to be occupied within the team.

However, as far as the customer journey is concerned, we should not be carried away by new techologies that often overwhelm us and make us join efforts that divert attention from what is really necessary. That´s why when we mention digitalization, IA, measurement, tools, etc, we must be cautious and understand if everything that comes out it´s really necessary, optimizes our processes and times, adds value to the team, beeing able to adjust and improve compaigns to be able to efficiently reach our consumers, who in fact are our target in everything we do.

Nov 30, 2023

Hola Camila, 

Siento que la IA vino a resolver esta problemática pero todavía se encuentra en su proceso de incorporación a la vida cotidiana. Por esto motivo, y como todo gran cambio histórico, no es de extrañar que aquellos que debemos usarla constantemente a veces sintamos un agotamiento especial. Será hasta que la IA se adapte perfectamente a la rutina o hasta que nosotros ya la utilicemos como moneda corriente. 

¡Muchas gracias por tu nota, como siempre, muy interesante!

Muy de acuerdo con tus palabras!! veremos como va evolucionando este gran cambio tecnológico.


Oct 02, 2023

Gracias por traer este tema a este espacio. Precisamente en este medio donde predominan los hombres y la tecnología nos demanda estar al día, es dificil voltear a ver la parte humana y cómo las mujeres estamos regulando trabajo y maternidad.

Mi hija nació en mayo de 2020, la pandemia me hizo sentir mucho miedo, pero también me permitió dedicar más tiempo que no había contemplado a mi hija, ahora puedo decir que soy una mamá presente. En mi caso junto con mi esposo somos dueños de una empresa en la industria AV, ambos con hijos mayores, el tener esta experiencia en estos tiempos nos ha permitido humanizar nuestro trabajo.

Hemos rescatado valores que habiamos dejado de lado por la inercia laboral: la unión familiar, dialogar sobre los retos de cada uno de los trabajadores y la busqueda de estrategias efectivas para avanzar en nuestros resultados, el tiempo de calidad aplica tanto para los hijos como para el trabajo.

Además desde la perspectiva de genero vemos que tanto mujeres como hombres queremos integrar trabajo y familia de una forma más equitativa.

Gracias Griselda por contar tu experiencia!! y que importante fue volver a rescatar esos valores que mencionas y no perderlos, fundamental para poder mantener un equilibrio en ambas partes.

Sep 20, 2023

@María Eugenia Friedlmeier con respecto a tu último artículo sobre: 

¿Qué opinión te trae este artículo con respecto a lo que mostraban los Supersónicos y los avances tecnológicos actuales?

Aug 31, 2023
Replying to Lucas Pagola Delibes

Thank you for sharing your professional journey, @Camila Chavarri !

Your ability to adapt to changes in different industries demonstrates that your true place is in the technology industry, where changes happen before we can fully understand them.

I've learned from you that being eager to take on new challenges and the ability to adapt and be creative in different situations are key to success. Also, effective communication across different teams and strong leadership in the Marketing department are essential for a company to lead in innovation and provide the best solutions to clients.

Your role as the Marketing leader in AV industry is a natural outcome of your journey and skills, setting an example for those of us who haven't followed a traditional or linear career path.

Let's keep working together to drive innovation!

thank you for your words Lucas!! Indeed we are going to continue breaking it and adding challenges in our day to day, let´s rock it!!!

Aug 31, 2023

Hi @Joey Davis 

Great article!

I would add another thing that I believe is essential for AV Marketing.

Deep knowledge of the AV industry distribution.

Despite the type of company (manufacturer, distributor, consultant, integrator, rental, etc.), it is important to understand the industry. It is technology, but it has it’s own style, challenges and spaces, different from IT or software, some of them general overall the distribution chain, and others completely exclusive on the place every player plays.

With this skill, AV Marketers can understand their prospects and their clients prospects, to include their goals, worries and motivations within their marketing efforts.

It would be interesting ot hear about some AV Marketers, so maybe @Franciele Mesadri, @Peter Schädel or   @Monisha Devaiah from AVIXA have something to share, or @Adriana Montanez @Camila Chavarri and  @Sheyla Ynope and share their opinion as a part of the industry.

You inspired me to write about my experience as a marketer, I invite you to read it! 10 years in the Marketing world! | AVIXA Xchange

Aug 30, 2023

Totally Agree Joey! Thanks for sharing such valuable information.