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A marketing professional and 20-year AV industry veteran, I am a proud CTS holder and enthusiastic #AVfoodie who is passionate about innovative technologies, design, and all things AV. I love sharing what this dynamic community has to offer and am excited to serve as Community Manager of AVIXA Xchange!

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Top 10 things to do on AVIXA Xchange to increase brand awareness, demonstrate thought leadership and project expertise, and engage with the pro AV community

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Jan 25, 2023

Honestly, I rarely get through a day without a Mean Girls reference. And then there's Encino Man...and I can hear the clapping of the coconuts now - Monty Python and the Holy Grail!

Ok, @Matt Reber , fellow X-files fan, you must have some good ones....

Jan 19, 2023

Thanks, @Aviad Cohen , @Samantha Davis , and @Kiosk Manufacturer Association for sharing your expertise with the community! Great question, @Harish040 !

There seem to be many nuances around this and questions to be addressed. Is there any type of best practices "checklist" when approaching a project? 

Jan 13, 2023
Replying to Cathy Richards-Ingram

Thank you @Lisa Matthews, CTS for getting me to the right place. I currently work in a team of 1 as part of a larger Engineering org, which can be isolating. I have found great community through our women's ERG, however I am missing the AV team dynamic from being able to bounce ideas around, talk AV trends, learn new skills, keep the old skills fresh, experiment and fail, and hear others experiences in environments that I may not be familiar with. So, I thought the women's council would be the ideal place to find the right community, connect with other women in AV, and continue the expansion of women in tech. Looking forward to what is next.

That's fantastic, @Cathy Richards-Ingram! I'm sure you'll enjoy connecting with the dynamic members of the Women's Council. I hope our Xchange community is a welcome source of personal and professional camaraderie! 

Jan 12, 2023

@Megan Kuhman , @Tammy Fuqua , can you connect with @Cathy Richards-Ingram and help her join the Women's Council?! Cathy, thanks for reaching out and kudos to your accomplishments, including keeping your AV connections active and expanding while being a new mom!

Jan 09, 2023
Replying to Mario Gonzalez

Hi @Lisa Matthews, CTS

Here are a couple of recommendations in Barcelona from the gastronomy section of the newspaper El País, in its annual compilation of the best restaurants in Spain. 


Jaume Marambio and Vicky Maccarone define their place as a neighborhood bodega in the Japanese or Mediterranean izakaya style, but Mikel points out "that the delicacies they serve are more reminiscent of haute cuisine than the menu of the bar downstairs." The expert foodie assures that his nigiris and montaditos are a spectacle, the same as the lemon fish with hoisin sauce, the portobello mushrooms with miso black pepper sauce, or the squid in its ink stuffed with jowl, "with an additional orgasmic pickle sauce." "A place where you enjoy non-stop from the moment you sit down until you leave," sums up López Iturriaga, editor of the El Comidista section of the newspaper El País.

Dalt de tot

Another of El Comidista's 2022 favorites is Dalt de tot: "They have a very rich and juicy tortilla de patatas (potato omelet), which has a more daring version with aioli and chipotle on top. They also offer other classics such as fried Padrón peppers, croquetitas, bombas or botifarra sausage skewers". The editor says: "Honestly, I think this is where I have enjoyed the most this year in the city in terms of expectations versus reality."

And on the other hand, I suggest enjoying a drink at the cocktail bar Dr. Stravisnky and letting yourself be guided by their creative bartenders.

Awesome, thanks @Mario Gonzalez ! @Mark Breakspear , here are some additional options for you! 

Has anyone tried any listed El País above? They ALL look incredible! 

Jan 05, 2023

Nice installation! Thanks for sharing @Kiosk Manufacturer Association. I imagine their visitors appreciate how quickly and efficiently they can gain access. And wow, how awesome that they fit into the windows and are easily serviceable. Even the hatch on-brand (and your extra credit question is other-worldly!)  Have they shared any data on how effective the units have been vs. staffing the ticket windows?

Jan 05, 2023

Thanks Lisa!
And thanks for inviting me to the AVIXA Xchange I didn't realize what I was missing.

Welcome to the community, @Daniel Ayers, MS, CTS, ETCP ! We're excited to have you and look forward to your contributions and conversations! As I mentioned, I look forward to your blog. Did you say to expect that in March?  What topics do you plan to cover?

Dec 20, 2022

So many ideas shared in this article, @Alissa Haksar. Thanks for posting it - I'm sure many will find it helpful. I'm anxious to hear from others here as well -


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