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Aug 16, 2022

"I am not biased, everyone else is."

"I am not biased, everyone else is." A deep dive into social bias and its implications for consumers Getty VisualGPS report This report had fantastic statistics regarding perpetuated stereotypes in imagery and what these statistics mean for brands and ways to change in order to broaden the scope of the visual stories brands tell. For example, Only 14% of consumers see diversity from the companies they do business with.
Aug 15, 2022

Opt-Out Reasons - Are you asking why?

Hi everyone! I am the Manager, Marketing Technology here at AVIXA. We are always looking for ways to connect with our prospects and get them engaged with the awesome content that we have! But when people opt out of hearing from us, we also want to know why!  I'd love to know what your opt-out process looks like! Are you asking why people are choosing not to receive communication from you? If so, please share some of your reasoning behind it! Thanks!
Aug 12, 2022

Live Event Promotion and Production

David Jones here.  I am the Business Development Manager for the Big Bang Companies.  We are a live event promotion and production company based in Rochester, MN.  We attended INFOCOMM in LV, NV and joined AVIXA at that time. I'm wanting to learn how other companies like the Big Bang Companies are taking advantage of the services offered by AVIXA.  Thanks and I'm looking forward to the interaction.
Aug 10, 2022

Social Networks

Hello I'm Jasmin Martinez, I belong to an AV product distribution company in Mexico, I'm happy to be on this platform and I hope to learn a lot from this community. I think it's a great idea to connect through this platform with all the people related to the AV industry. Just to start conversation: Currently what social network works best for you? And What kind of content do you create the most interaction with? Best regards.
Aug 09, 2022

Products, Services, or Solutions: What's in Your Wallet?

As a professional service marketer, I'm always curious to hear what leads the ideas behind your client messaging. Architects and interior designers share images, engineers share innovative cost-saving or environment-improving solutions, and contractors (and AV integrators?) share efficiencies and schedule improvements. Product manufacturers and distributors share features and benefits (sometimes innovation).  With all the recent focus on "experience design," where does the voice of the customer come into your story?
Aug 09, 2022

Best practices and advices for marketers

Hi, I am Clement Plombin, Product Marketing Manager for Jupiter Systems, I am based in Europe but covering global markets, and I am delighted to find this space to exchange best practices and PMM advice.  Being part of the Avixa Young AV professionals group, I am always keen to network and get ideas and best practices as a young person in the AV industry! Don't hesitate to get in touch for conversation via Xchange or Linkedin (https://www.linkedin.com/in/clement-plombin-189a7581/)
Aug 05, 2022


Hello, this is Bijou from San Diego CA, would love to network and learn about marketing best practices. Looking forward to some interesting conversations. Bijou
Aug 05, 2022

Hi everyone!

I'm Camila Ceal, Marketing Analyst at @Newtech. A great space to be part of! Can't wait to see all the content, collaborate, learn and expand our knowloadge in Marketing sharing the latest trends of the industry! An awesome opportunity  🙌
Aug 05, 2022

What works, and what doesn't in AV Marketing?

Let's dive deeper into marketing! I am a Marketing Manager at MAXHUB and have been in the field for over 5 years. This being my first time in the industry I have become aware of some of the things that work well within the AV industry, and the things that effort seems to do little. This room is to let us marketers communicate about the things that have worked!  Works: 1. Google Ads Researching your keywords is essential in this one, doing so has made it so that some of my ads have a 7-10% click-through rate on most days. Make sure you are setting realistic budget goals and you are golden. This is a great way to get leads into the door, add products to the cart, and create leads. I highly recommend a keyword researcher, however, you can use Google once you have your ad set up and it will let you add/block certain related keywords to your goods or services.  2. Email Blasts I have a 37% average open rate on my emails from Infocomm, if you can draw interest to your email with a question or by creating an incentive I have found that many more people are willing to click on an email. I use my own Amazon SMTP server for mass mail send-outs and an email builder to draft them to save on costs for huge email lists, but, if you are just starting out I would suggest Mailchimp or even Shopify has an amazing email campaign builder. Make sure you use a combination on gifs/videos/pictures and have content that is different!  3. Giveaways  Think printables such as spec sheets, brochures, case studies, as well as small items that people use daily. (USB sticks, chargers, shirts, hats, etc...) These allow your brand or outfit to give something to a client or potential customer that lets them remember you at a later point in time. Present yourself in a positive light with a UBP and you are good to go!  Doesn't Work: 1. Print ads When was the last time you saw anyone pick up a magazine besides at a dentist's office? Print ads are expensive and in my experience don't do a whole lot unless your product is a Walker Screen Mount in Seniors Digest. I think magazines are dinosaur marketing tools and if you really want to reach your target demographic, then electronic formats are what you should be working on. 2. Facebook/Snapchat/Instagram The people using these apps are not the type of people that are looking for products/services unless it is clothing or weird quirky gifts from wish.com. I say you stay away from these social media avenues as they are built for an entirely different purpose of product marketing that only few people will see results from. I know many people have found success marketing their products on Facebook and that is probably the only one I would suggest you try if any.  I hope some of these helped you out! Connect with me on LinkedIn if you would like to collaborate on anything!  https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthew-parsons777/

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