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Territory Manager, TouchView Interactive

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What 3 accessories does the "Elissa Action Figure" come with?
-A 5-shot Latte - usually from a local spot or a seasonal Starbs
-Mobile phone - love having information & connection at my finger tips
-Funky Earrings - nothing wrong with making a bold, fun statement

With over 15 years in various Sales-centric roles, I always aim to empower my clients to make purchasing decisions that best suit their unique needs. I do this by creating an environment built on educating, trust, and respect... and a bit of humor, too! 

I launched my career in Special Event Management & Hospitality, which included Corporate A/V consulting and planning. After a decade-long career of executing 547 special events - and two babies later, I pivoted to Hotels & Hospitality, where I served as the Director of Sales & Marketing over multiple mid-size properties. Just before the pandemic, I made another unique shift into K12 print book sales, working primarily with school and public libraries curating their Children's/YA collections. Most recently, I made a bold career move entering the Tech world, and have never felt more motivated by what I do! The excitement, the energy, the brilliance - all unmatched!

On the days in between, you can find me hiking/exploring with my two kiddos (and cocker spaniel, Duke), working on home projects, learning Italian on Duolingo, indulging in history, or concocting a new dish.

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Dec 15, 2023

Guilty! Thanks for the timely tips, @Elissa Payne! I'd encourage everyone to "consider" these helpful suggestions :)  Happy holidays!

I have to remind myself every year! Thanks for reading, Lisa. Happy Holidays!

May 17, 2023
Replying to Mario Gonzalez

Hi @Elissa Payne, I agree with you; we must remember that we do business to benefit other people and that our relationships are one of the most valuable assets we possess... and those good relationships do not have a price in the market. 

That's a good word! Thank you, @Mario Gonzalez!

May 04, 2023
Replying to Kelly Smith - AVIXA

Love this @Elissa Payne!

Important for everyone to think about value.

Are you going to InfoComm 2023?

We're having an awesome event for people who are starting out or want to advance their AV career! 

AVIXA Career Empowerment Event, June 15, Orange County Convention Center

Thank you, @Kelly Smith ! I will be at InfoComm23 as an Exhibitor. Can't wait!

Comment on Did you know...?
Apr 18, 2023

Good stuff! @Elissa Payne shared some fun trivia for us too! Tech Trivia: "I Love Lucy" edition | AVIXA Xchange

Thank you, @Matt Bercot ! Keep 'em comin' - Ready to *rock* my local Trivia nights!

Apr 18, 2023
Replying to Gibran Nassif - AVIXA

I love this: 🗝️The key to *creating value* lies within our mindset. It's important to create value in your career! Nice tips here @Elissa Payne !

Appreciate it, @Gibran Nassif ! Glad to connect. 

Apr 18, 2023
Replying to Monisha Devaiah

Very nicely expressed @Elissa Payne ! Like how you said about continuous learning and moving from having doubts to being determined.

Keep these thoughts coming. Love to be inspired with new a perspective from you. 

Thank you, Monisha!!

Apr 11, 2023
Replying to Monisha Devaiah

Thanks for compiling this inspiring list of Women in tech. I would like to share a list of inspirational and highly accomplished women in Tech, Space Research and Medical science from India. 

Meet 7 Indian women scientists whose inventions and experiments have helped in the progress of science and tec (yourstory.com)

Just enjoyed my morning cuppa reading this wonderful article, Monisha! Thank you for sharing and inspiring!