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I lead AVIXA’s APAC marketing and communications initiatives, which include member communication, vertical market events, educational programmes and AVIXA’s brand presence at the association’s trade shows in the region. I look forward to making new connections on the Xchange and leverage digital as a medium to offer value to members and support the association’s commitment of being a hub for AV in the region.  https://xchange.avixa.org/users/avixa

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May 31, 2024

Thank you for sharing your perspective on mental health, Jayaram. We often tend to ignore matters of the mind. But it is critical to address these issues before anything else in our daily lives.

Apr 23, 2024
Replying to Sebastian Yiang

Hi Monisha, will there be another AV Marketeers meetup at InfoComm Asia 2024? Looking forward to it!

Hi @Sebastian Yiang. We are certainly planning to have a meet up. Watch this space and look forward to meeting you at the show!

Apr 02, 2024

Hi @Kannan Seshadri. Thanks for sharing this insightful piece. I really enjoyed reading it, especially how this topic has been simplified with the VC example. I completely agree that by following basic principles of UI/UX and incorporating user feedback throughout the design process, designers can create UIs that feel natural and effortless to use, ultimately improving user satisfaction and productivity.

Feb 27, 2024
Replying to Swati Mandavra

Hi everyone!

Review of the movie: "Pink"

"Pink" is a courtroom drama that revolves around three young women who are falsely accused of soliciting sex. The film addresses issues of consent, victim-blaming, and gender inequality in Indian society.

Pink is a Bollywood film based on women's empowerment, inclusion, and gender equality. Released in 2016 and directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury.

"Pink" revolves around the lives of three young women - Minal Arora, Falak Ali, and Andrea Tariang - who find themselves embroiled in a legal battle after defending themselves against the advances of a group of influential men. The film delves into the complexities of consent and victim-blaming that plague Indian society.

One of the most compelling aspects of "Pink" is its unapologetic stance on women's rights and autonomy. The movie sheds light on the deeply entrenched patriarchal attitudes that undermine women's agency and gender-based violence with the harsh realities of navigating a world where women's voices are often silenced and dismissed.

"Pink" is the courtroom drama that unfolds as Minal and her friends fight to prove their innocence. 

Moreover, "Pink" challenges societal norms surrounding gender roles and expectations. It interrogates the double standards that govern male and female behavior, highlighting the hypocrisy inherent in the way women are judged for their actions while men are absolved of accountability.

Ultimately, "Pink" serves as a rallying cry for women everywhere to reclaim their autonomy and demand the respect and dignity they deserve. It challenges viewers to confront their own biases and complicity in perpetuating systems of inequality, urging them to stand in solidarity with survivors of gender-based violence.

And of course how we can forget:  No is a complete sentence: No means No.

Thanks for sharing your review  @Swati Mandavra. I loved the movie Pink as well.

Feb 16, 2024

Hello! I am taking the first shot at this!

Review of the movie The Intern

I haven't really been one to frequent movie theaters for Hollywood rom-coms or chick flicks because I've always felt it was a waste of money on similar storylines. However, "The Intern" was a delightful surprise, breaking away from the typical mushy and feel-good genre. 

Anne Hathaway as a dynamic, passionate founder of an e-commerce start-up & Robert De Niro as her Intern battling boredom in his sunset years, create magic on screen with an unusual friendship & mutual admiration. The movie is about how they deal with their problems & find comfort with the perfect dose of lighter moments.
The movie goes a step beyond the regular stereotypes and builds a contemporary context while depicting changes in current corporate work environment, technology & attitude of the workforce. Gender roles, relationships, glass ceilings and also the fact that women have to deal with so many issues to prove themselves in their personal & professional roles is well essayed by Hathaway.

Additionally, it touches upon the feelings of purposelessness after retirement, highlighting the untapped wealth of experience and emotional intelligence within the aging population. The movie pampers you with loads of laughter, makes you shed a little tear and finally when it ends in a 'Tai Chi class', you take home the feeling that it is all about finding the balance. The right balance in your life!

Feb 12, 2024

Thanks for sharing @Koreth Mathew. This is so inspiring, and it is heartening to see that education is now accessible for all, despite all geographical barriers. 

Feb 07, 2024

@Mohannad Mousa, CTS, we're delighted to feature you in the Xchange Community Spotlight! You have been an integral member from Day 1 and we value your many contributions! I appreciate your deep commitment to and promotion of industry certifications and I, of course, love how you have embraced Xchange as a means of connecting with and giving back to the community! 

I encourage everyone to explore the "Popular Content" shown on Mohannad's profile. linked above, and to Follow him so you don't miss future posts! 

Thank you for the kind words, @Mohannad Mousa, CTS. Your contribution to Xchange and the AV community as a whole is greatly appreciated. Wishing you continued success.

Jan 11, 2024

Thanks for this detailed article @Lisa Matthews, CTS - AVIXA. Am sure it's very helpful for AV firms and marketers who are considering adding Xchange to their marketing toolkit.