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Aug 31, 2023

Hi @Joey Davis 

Great article!

I would add another thing that I believe is essential for AV Marketing.

Deep knowledge of the AV industry distribution.

Despite the type of company (manufacturer, distributor, consultant, integrator, rental, etc.), it is important to understand the industry. It is technology, but it has it’s own style, challenges and spaces, different from IT or software, some of them general overall the distribution chain, and others completely exclusive on the place every player plays.

With this skill, AV Marketers can understand their prospects and their clients prospects, to include their goals, worries and motivations within their marketing efforts.

It would be interesting ot hear about some AV Marketers, so maybe @Franciele Mesadri, @Peter Schädel or   @Monisha Devaiah from AVIXA have something to share, or @Adriana Montanez @Camila Chavarri and  @Sheyla Ynope and share their opinion as a part of the industry.

Hello everyone! Thanks @Joey Davis for sharing this article. The topic you brought up is really interesting. I also want to express my gratitude to @Franciele Mesadri for mentioning me, ensuring I didn't miss the article. I'd like to take this opportunity to share a bit about what has helped me in the realm of communication and marketing, first as a DS Marketer and later complementing it as an AV Marketer.

We need to step out of our comfort zones and put aside our computers. Our work demands a profound understanding of our subject matter, and to achieve that, 15 years ago, I took the time to do some hands-on work. I shadowed Project Managers in their tasks, joined installation teams wearing hard hats and safety vests, I assembled and connected LED modules, connected fiber optic and HDMI cables. Each time I went out with my camera and tripod to document a project, I made sure to get my hands dirty and learn new things, especially problem-solving. The good news is that, thankfully, those installations are still functioning – LOL! So yes, it's imperative to comprehend what we're discussing and who we're communicating with. Thanks to everyone for sharing.