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Community building specialist, with 10+ years of experience in technology! Love meeting new people, learning more about them, cultivating insightful discussions, and helping however I can. Passionate about video games, cars, and swordfighting!

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Replying to Summer Campagna

It's really disheartening to see people misusing "The Portal" artwork. The piece is meant to foster cultural understanding and diversity by connecting us to another country, but instead, some are just using it inappropriately. Maybe another city would have been a better choice, given New York's reputation for unpredictable and sometimes uncomfortable behavior. It's a missed opportunity for genuine cultural exchange.

Definitely one nice thing I've been seeing from folks in general hasn't been "should we even have this", it's been more of a "stop being weird at the portal". It's a great opportunity that, while it has some angles for things to go wrong, encourages people to get a real-life view of another part of the world. Pulling for this one to bounce back!

Comment on AI Reality Check

This is a good analysis of AI's potential and some important considerations to have in the process of AI's applicability to workplace functions. Thus far, AI and machine learning as a whole have been great facilitators when used for specific functions, and I think its best potential is with a particular end goal in mind.

Replying to Harish040

This is great news. So far I have seen E Ink e-paper in small size and few applications. This will change the digital Signage landscape. 

But how are you managing to reproduce all colures? There are certain color restrictions, right?

I Would like to know more about this product.


Harish. N

That's a great question! I was checking out the press release here:

There weren't any further details I saw, but I wouldn't be surprised if it operates the same way as the monochrome version does, just with color filled micro-spheres!

Replying to Antonio Vaca

It’s incredible how difficult and challenging is to live stream 4K after many years since it appeared, what we experienced for the first time at some show like CES, Cedia or Infocomm, takes several years to become a standard and make it available for all. Next time I visit a show I will remember this, the launch of new technologies requires many resources surround the product to become a reality, in some cases it just become new paradigm but not a direct benefit to implement in the near future, ¿how long is this near future?

Anyway I´ll be happy to watch the Olympic games on 4K if my internet provided let me do it  ☹

Yeah, and that's a really great point, and broadcasters were hesitant on it, rightfully so. Higher and higher fidelity from a resolution standpoint is nice, but without the infrastructure around it, doesn't make as much sense. That being said, I definitely think HFR streaming will be a great path to look forward to, as I don't see it being anywhere near as much of a challenge as it is to get 4K fully adopted!

I think this highlights a major challenge that AI in general faces now, which is finding applicable use cases, as well as the quality of the product overall. AI, in focused machine learning applications, holds a lot of potential; that being said, it feels like the Humane Pin is A. Too ambitious with trying to minimize its profile, and B. Trying to find a broad use case for a LLM. The latter is a big pitfall that's got to be avoided when considering the potential application of machine learning, and a variety of applications that have tried to rely solely on how LLMs operate have shown their limitations.

That limitation is also based on the LLM model. Many modern LLMs, including OpenAI's ChatGPT, still train their models on information scraped from the internet. This both reduces the accuracy of the results in a LLM, and breaks the ethical boundary of whether or not the authors of said content consented to having their information scraped. These serve as important early iterations, though, on what technologies can come next!

Replying to Md sadek Hossain

I am trying to develop such a product, to be a country distributor in the retail market,

I'm very curious to see just how quickly the price comes down! OLED displays are great, but having an even longer service life is even better. I expect a lot of applications will make the switch when they're more widely available!

I know it's tooting my own horn a bit, but the amount of inter-team coordination that marketers have just by doing marketing work is astounding. Also having worked with international teams, that's equally as big of a challenge! Always huge props to folks who can manage it all!

Absolutely! The Driver's Eye camera in F1 has redefined how fans experience the sport, providing an unprecedented level of immersion. Its success not only enhances racing but also sets the stage for future advancements in technology across various fields.

For sure! It's been interesting to see as other sports in general go for a much more personalized approach, just looking at things like the NHL/NFL having mic setups arranged for their players. Definitely curious to see how it progresses!