JoeRay Fathree

Video Network Specialist II, Texas A&M Health Science Center
Sheyla Ynope

Marketing manager, LED DREAM

Nicole Verardi

Senior Director of Marketing, AVIXA

When I first started in AV, I remember hearing how AV professionals really care about the human experience, not just the tech. And it's true! I love connecting the dots to help people find the AV resources they need, building communities where people come together and being a part of such a vibrant (and welcoming) industry. 

Joé Lloyd

Senior Director, Communications, AVIXA

Melissa Baglio

Operations Manager, AV Chicago

Jennifer Goodyer

Sales Manager, RTSales

Karen Smidt

Director of Product Marketing, Legrand | AV

Kathryn Daut

Project Coordinator , Electrosonic

Brittany DiCesare

Account Manager, Control Concepts

Gina Sansivero

Vice President, Marketing & Corp. Communications, AtlasIED

Heather Sidorowicz

President , Southtown Audio Video

Ellen Simich

Sr. Dir. Strategic Partnerships , Prysm Systems Inc

Gaby Rand

Programme Coordinator, UK & Ireland, AVIXA

I am the Program Coordinator for UK, Ireland and Africa with AVIXA and based in the UK. I can help guide you with anything to do with membership, courses, CTS and AVIXA Partnered ECS Card. 

Iulia Popescu

Coordinator, Digital Content, Avixa

A University of Central Florida double-alum with a Master’s in Digital Media, Iulia Popescu is a content creator who loves bringing people together over shared interests.  As AVIXA's Coordinator of Digital Content, she produces articles on a myriad of technology topics. She has been working on virtual reality projects lately, transforming folk tales into VR narratives. 

Erin Maher-Moran

Multimedia Services Manager, Johns Hopkins University

Coleen Sterns Leith

President, Marketing Matters