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Dec 13, 2022

Hey Aaron - I am not sure about higher ed, but it is certainly happening around the world from DOOH like bus stops to casinos - a few years back, one casino was hacked through their fish tank!

Crazy stuff!

Dec 13, 2022
Replying to David Keene

Good, rigorous data, Joé and Peter. Here is where I see opportunity to move in the right direction: Today, women are outnumbering men in higher education. There are about 130 women for every 100 men at four-year colleges, and the gap is even wider at two-year institutions. How do we bridge that divide between the higher ed demographics and our own industry's? By setting up recruitment, intern, and mentoring programs that reach into higher ed to educate and recruit the future workforce, with a focus on DEI. I for one will be developing one such program in Austin. What resources can we bring to make that a nationwide program?

Thanks David - That sounds fantastic! We are looking at piloting some new workforce development programs and remain in contact with programs across the world which you can also find in our Foundation pages - along with several resources for exciting newer generations for the world of AV. AND...we also work with HETMA for the Prism scholarship (2nd year just announced).

You can check out the Foundation here: 

Nov 14, 2022

Thank you Megan for bringing this group together, such an important conversation and I am looking forward to being involved!

Nov 07, 2022

As we continue to discuss both workforce development and the need to continue a path toward more diversity in our industry - these two topics could not be more intrinsically tied together. Please take the time to read, comment and share.

Oct 03, 2022

What a really fantastic case study in the do's/don'ts and how to think about measurement and ROI.

Sep 08, 2022

I am sure this will be a remarkable event!! @Guy Campos 

Aug 16, 2022
Replying to Weston Owen

We're absolutely thrilled to have Chad on our team at @Dimensional Innovations! Fun news — he was appointed our Chief Strategy Officer as of this morning.

Learn more about the work we do in experience design at

Big congrats to Chat and the entire DI team!

Aug 16, 2022
Replying to Brian Gorg

What other objectives can an organization address with waiting room signage?  Perceived wait time through entertainment, product placement and upselling are the most well known waiting room applications.  My favorite I have ever heard of is the promotion of self exams and preventive health maintenance towards a population not comfortable discussing issues with their family or even their doctors.  The issue was diabetes and the education not only opened up discussions in the exam room but also showed increase patient-initiated solutions to diabetic prevention or control.  What a service and well worth the investment in the educational content.

That is awesome Brian - maybe we could hear more from some of these companies and they could share their metrics :)