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Presently as Regional Director, AVIXA for India and GCC, I do aspire to support the AV and IT industry with  access to the resources that are most beneficial to the businesses and professional outcomes. My focus will be to bring to the AV/IT community in the region, knowledge and skill development through AVIXA Education, Certification and Training Resources. I look forward to work closely with allied associations, industry groups and professional society in the region with a similar focus. And my areas of interest and learning are indeed the Emerging Technologies (what we know as AI, Metaverse, Cloud, Industry 4.0, and the likes) and how they impact what we do in our professional and personal lives as Humans! Do feel free to reach out to me.

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I was happy to have had the opportunity to visit this wonderful attraction, as a tourist when i was in Barcelona for ISE this year, and could Xperience the technology enabled tour and the Xperential installation. Was mesmerizing and could see some unique concepts in space design! Am sure a many of us who  visited ISE this time around have had the opportunity to visit this and look forward to reading some more of unique experiences. And if you have not, and are planning to visit ISE in the coming years, do take some time out to expolore this and many other facets of Barcelona! Tagging @Debraj Dam @Vipin Verma 

All the very best team A&T @Koreth Mathew @ashwin Desai, for your future endeavors. 

Ratnesh was a Trailblazer for us volunteers and certification holders in region! His enthusiasm and eagerness to help others will certainly be missed!

Congratulations @Deborah Jones @Gregory Rushton @sachin Sonje on getting elected to the Certification Steering Committee! Best wishes!

Replying to Wei Chean Thea

Hi Ts Gopal @TS Gopalakrishnan, CTS-D, CTS-I  nice to meet up in Bangkok Infocomm session.

@Joe Fong are you here as well?

Thanks for visiting and posting. Do check out the CTS study group room for resources and support on your preparation for CTS-I! You will get all the information you need and possibly some tips from others. All the best! 

Here is an interesting presentation on metaverse, at the recently held @Microsoft ignite event that gives some end user case examples of how metaverse is being used even today. 


The classification of consumer, commercial and industrial metaverse is indeed intriguing!

Its a great initiative @Kavitha N Kishore ! Protecting the environment absolutely needs highest priority and contributions from everyone, any which way, is the need of the hour! 

In fact UN has declared the COP27 to be held next month in Egypt, as the moment of truth for the international community, it is time for all stakeholders, world over to work together on the agreed environmental goals and sustainability agenda to turn these into meaningful actions. Sharing some of the insights in the article here below.


Its wonderful to see our industry stakeholders contributing to these efforts! Looking forward to seeing many more such stories here in this forum!


It was a great conversation happening in the our APAC member forum #3 last week. Thank you very much to the panelists to share their thoughts and bring out some actionable points that could be of value to members.

Here is a link to a great article that i got to read, this very morning - a very innovative way to tackle one of the issues discussed and hope is useful for others too. Readers of my comment - do feel free to share your thoughts.


@Monisha Devaiah @Jonathan Seller @Girish Narayanan @Joe Fong 

And another one to follow up on the previous one! 


Do tag others whom this might be relevant and useful.

@Manoj Kumar K