Shantal Gomez Carrion

Certification Coordinator, AVIXA

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Hi there, I'm one of the Certification Coordinators here at AVIXA! 

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Replying to Dominik Osztovics

Do you have to be an AVIXA member to add RUs to your account? 

That's a great question! You don't need to have a paid AVIXA membership to add RUs to your account; however, you will need to hold a certification to claim RUs. Any RUs obtained prior to earning a certification will not count for future renewals.

Comment on CTS renewal #2

Congrats Richard!!! We are glad to have you be part of the CTS team!

I'm an elite member finishing up my renewal. Why can't I access my courses?

Hi Wilmer! AVIXA courses and webinars you complete are automatically added to your CTS Transcript, and you should be able to see those there. Our Membership team has reached out to you via email for further assistance with accessing training courses. If you need more assistance with the renewal process, please reach out to us at and we can gladly help.