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Expert advice and resources for developing - or starting - successful careers in the AV Industry

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The AVIXA Career Empowerment Event is for professionals looking to start or grow a rewarding career in the AV industry. Whether you are ready to advance in your current career path, transition from another industry, or are entering the job market for the first time from tech school, you will benefit from this program.

Attendees will learn about essential skills and benefit from career advice from individuals who have found success in the AV industry. You will also hear directly from hiring managers who will share the most in-demand roles, impactful skills and credentials, and helpful resources; plus, get tips on how to get noticed in the hiring and promotion process.

Then,   will review the many resources and programs we offer for career development, skills enhancement, certification, networking, and industry engagement. End with a networking opportunity to get to know other career-minded professionals, AVIXA council leaders, and program presenters, as you participate in hands-on activities about career paths.

June 15, 2023 | 02:00 - 04:00 PM | W415AB

The AVIXA Career Empowerment Event Expert advice and resources for developing - or starting - successful careers in the AV Industry - InfoComm 2023 (infocommshow.org)

Contact  and  with questions. 

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Go to the profile of Alan C. Brawn
over 1 year ago

File under FYI....I just submitted an article for the DSF web site entitled Next "Job" or Team Member. I speak about how to prepare for your next "job" and/or what to look for in a new team member. 

Go to the profile of Lisa Matthews, CTS - AVIXA
over 1 year ago

That's timely news, @Alan C. Brawn. Thanks for the FYI - let's be sure to share the link here with the community once it's posted! 

Members, are you planning to attend? Feel free to introduce yourself and share what your interests are, or what role you're serving, in the event. And please post any resources that you feel would be helpful to those seeking career development, those wishing to attract and retain talent, and more!