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Apr 20, 2023

It is so exciting to have an AVIXA Women's Council meet up at InfoComm Asia! 

Jan 13, 2023
Replying to Cathy Richards-Ingram

Thank you @Lisa Matthews, CTS for getting me to the right place. I currently work in a team of 1 as part of a larger Engineering org, which can be isolating. I have found great community through our women's ERG, however I am missing the AV team dynamic from being able to bounce ideas around, talk AV trends, learn new skills, keep the old skills fresh, experiment and fail, and hear others experiences in environments that I may not be familiar with. So, I thought the women's council would be the ideal place to find the right community, connect with other women in AV, and continue the expansion of women in tech. Looking forward to what is next.

@Cathy Richards-Ingram ,

I apologize that you haven't heard anything from us since you applied.  I really appreciate you reaching out again because we would love to have you on the Council.  I will follow up with you directly to make sure you get everything on your calendar and are added to the AVIXA Women's Council group here on the Xchange.

Just so you know we have a few things coming up:

We have a session at ISE in Barcelona

We have a virtual all council meeting on Monday, February 6 at 2:00 pm ET (which you'll get a meeting invite for)

We are supporting International Women's Day on March 8 with a few virtual/hybrid events that you can join from anywhere you are.

I'll reach out to you offline from the Xchange and we will get you up and running with the council.

Aug 09, 2022
Replying to Dawn Meade

Is there a replacement company or enterprise certification program in the works, or will individual certifications be the only ones offered?  I have been including certification requirements and preferences in our enterprise AV SOWs for a while now, and need to know whether I should simply append with "or equivalent company certification" or just remove the section on company certs... 

Hi Dawn,

While AVIXA is thinking about what kind of program could replace the APEx program, and if one or another would be more successful in the industry. At this moment in time only our individual certifications are being offered.