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Senior Human Resources Business Partner, AVIXA

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I am delighted to be part of the HR Department at AVIXA and an Ambassador of the Jobs Room of the Xchange! I hope to bring my 20+ years of broad-based experience in Human Resources, both in consulting and in-house roles, to our Xchange members as a helpful resource and source of information and best practices. 

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Nov 14, 2023

This is amazing! What a wonderful application!

Nov 06, 2023

What an impactful, memorable experience and a great way to inspire action!

Nov 06, 2023

This is spectacular! The use of AV certainly adds to the luxurious experience!

Sep 28, 2023

I love the sound elements as part of the experience, too.  This would be great for any big city!

Sep 06, 2023

Wow, this looks like quite an experience! I would love to visit here!

Sep 05, 2023

Fantastic and exciting initiatives! Thanks for leading the way!

Sep 05, 2023

Even as a non-AV professional, the projections always amaze me at ISE/InfoComm.  I really think this technology is going to continue to push and enhance our experiences!

Apr 11, 2023

@Gibran Nassif Gibran recently hosted a podcast all about the employee onboarding experience in the metaverse.  It is such a neat concept! Here's another article about this Metaverse Onboarding - Redefining Digital Onboarding | Multiplier (