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With over 20 years in the audiovisual industry, Leon Prather has worked extensively in both the technical and creative sides of AV. A digital native and advocate, he has also held numerous roles across digital services for organizations, including AVIXA, where he serves as Manager, Digital Product Operations. You can find him writing about topics like product management, entertainment technology news, and whatever geeky notion catches his attention today.

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What is virtual production, and how should we respond?

From student projects to big budget films, this new technology is paving the way to innovation for content creators.

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Replying to Jeff Miller

I think the most useful aspect here is putting AVIXA standards, design guides, calculators and text books in the hands (pockets) of AV pros in the field. If all the resources were in one place and fully searchable ( i.e. I can search for DISCAS and see results from the text books, white papers and the calculator in a unified list) that would be absolutely amazing. Being able to take care of RU’s on the go would be great too. 

Hi Jeff! 
Thanks for the feedback. If you have not already done so, could you provide your ranking via the survey link above, too? 

Ok, I know you all aren't shy...I'll get us kicked off...

This year, I've been enjoying Brett Eldredge. He's a country artist but quite the contemporary crooner when it comes to his Christmas playlist. And I've always loved Garth Brook's "The Gift" (Maria's song) but, alas, he's not on Spotify and I lost the CD two moves ago. 

But let me share my favorite Christmas tradition - my daughter, singing O Holy Night. Forgive my living room acoustics as she agreed to let us record her this past weekend while I kept her 3-year-old busy downstairs! Lauren grew up with an audiophile for a father, @Gary Matthews, and me, who adapted to being part of the stage crew (and proud stage Mom). One of her favorite Christmas gifts was an autographed Sarah McLachlan microphone, if that tells you anything! 

Lauren's O Holy Night

I hope you enjoy it. Please share your favorite artist, song, or original performance with us!

Alright, you called I answered ;)

I love to produce Christmas music each year and share with family, friends, and coworkers. Some of my favorites have been:

FOR FUN: "Mary Did You Know?" acapella arrangement that I wrote for a large group of teens to sing when I was a youth leader. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-oqI4D7Zo0

FOR WORK: Part 1 & 2 of the AVIXA Players' (name tbd) debut at the 2023 AVIXA Staff Holiday Party
- rehearsing Run Run Rudolph
- Full Part 2

FOR LAUGHS: Jingle Bells Rock as inspired by Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Somewhat related: check out some “spooky” stories from the AV Install Nightmares Facebook group via our newest podcast ep!

Putting some of these into practice tomorrow :) Thank you@Iulia Popescu 

Check this out@Marc Marsocci 

Awesome shoutout, @Mohannad Mousa, CTS !

So awesome to see this space in person. Thanks for letting me host it for you guys @Charles Heureaux @Narin Nara @Mark Metzger 

For anyone that is wondering about the technology, it really is becoming more and more accessible. It just requires, like anything, the right spark of creativity to put it to good use. Technologists and creatives alike are able to blend so many of their skills together in this use case to see their ideas coming to life IN REAL TIME. And being able to meet the awesome folks who do this every day was inspiring.

As an onstage presenter/sometimes performer, I can also attest that there is something grounding in being able to see photo-real landscapes and elements changing around you. The feeling of light bouncing around a room is not something you can easily fake... no wait, yes it is, now. Make no mistake, it is still a film set, but the sheer value it adds to be able to use this technology to enhance and serve storytelling is just too exciting to pass up. 

Shoutout to The Loop Lab for joining us for the shoot! 

I love this, thank you for sharing. It really has become more pressing for companies to think outside the box when it comes to recruiting and retaining top talent. The challenge is making those first adjustments, huh?

Can you add info about the difference between UR and Normal mode?