Jason Rouzaire CTS-D, CTS-I

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About Jason Rouzaire CTS-D, CTS-I

AVIXA CTS, CTS-D & CTS-I Certified

30yrs of AV design engineering, installation, system commissioning, project management & troubleshooting experience for both commercial and residential AV with demonstrated, extensive experience across a broad spectrum of AV applications, for example; corporate, hospitality, education, medical, government, military, transportation hubs, casino & gaming, performance theatre, live entertainment venues, theme parks, museums, stadia, high-end residential & private cinema, and royal palaces.

Global experience with delivering AV projects in 16 countries across the Asia-Pacific and Middle East Regions.

Extensively involved as an AV Subject Matter Expert, developing AV Standards and international examination questions for both AVIXA & CEDIA.

Australian & French dual citizen, currently based in Hong Kong.


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"high-skill, high-pay industry" - I don't think you can apply this broad statement globally, this is absolutely inconsistent across the globe and very disparate - I've have 30yrs experience in the AV industry and have worked in 16 countries.
For example. payscales in US and Australia are very good, but UK by comparison is significantly lower and not what I would categorise as good or high paid. In Asia, Hong Kong is very low, especially compared to comparable country, Singapore. I'm not comparing payscales between countries, I'm comparing AV payscales relative to other industries and cost of living in each individual country. There's plenty of examples.

If your market intelligence is accurate, it would absolutely reflect this. and it would be at odds with the "high-skill, high-pay industry" statement.