Pro AV – a high-skill, high-pay industry

Putting the right people in the right place is no easy task, especially with the reality of limited budgets says Peter Hansen, economic analyst, AVIXA.
Pro AV – a high-skill, high-pay industry

AVIXA’s market intelligence team has greatly expanded its AV employment research with one simple goal: helping our industry get its workforce right. This research serves not only companies seeking to analyze their employees and potential hires, but also professionals seeking to understand their market value and how they can boost it. In this article for AV Magazine, Peter Hansen, economist for AVIXA, shares insights about this high-skill, high-pay industry. 


"high-skill, high-pay industry" - I don't think you can apply this broad statement globally, this is absolutely inconsistent across the globe and very disparate - I've have 30yrs experience in the AV industry and have worked in 16 countries.
For example. payscales in US and Australia are very good, but UK by comparison is significantly lower and not what I would categorise as good or high paid. In Asia, Hong Kong is very low, especially compared to comparable country, Singapore. I'm not comparing payscales between countries, I'm comparing AV payscales relative to other industries and cost of living in each individual country. There's plenty of examples.

If your market intelligence is accurate, it would absolutely reflect this. and it would be at odds with the "high-skill, high-pay industry" statement.