Fernando Cajal

International Business Director, GESAB

About Fernando Cajal

Fernando Cajal is an accomplished International Business Director at GESAB Control Rooms with a remarkable career spanning over 15 years across diverse international industries. His extensive B2B expertise encompasses the realms of negotiation, project management, business planning, and the effective management of distribution channels.

Under his leadership, strategic initiatives have resulted in the establishment of commercial showrooms and robust sales channels on a global scale. Notably, Fernando has played a pivotal role in the successful execution of key milestone projects, including the emergency CCR 911 in Makkah, Riyadh Metro, EC3 Dubai, STC UNOC, and numerous others.

A native Spanish speaker with a technical business proficiency in English, Fernando excels in cultivating enduring client relationships and delivering solution-driven outcomes within multifaceted international contexts. Leveraging his combined background in Control Rooms industry expertise spanning the last decade and his architectural profile, complemented by diverse comprehensive trainings, Fernando possesses an exceptional understanding of Control Room design, ergonomics, health in work space, international standards compliance, audiovisual technology, and other pivotal facets crucial for the successful deployment of Operation Centers.

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Neurodiversity in Control Centers

Promoting neurodiversity in control rooms is crucial. Audiovisual tech aids flexibility, customization, structured communication, supporting various needs. It fosters collaboration,reduces stress, enhances engagement Implementing certain measures creates an inclusive and productive work environment

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