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💡 Many organisations have AV technology systems that are difficult to use, frequently breaking, or not aligned with needs. Sound familiar? This leads to frustration and holds people back from performing at their best. I help corporate, government, education sector leaders implement AV technology solutions to facilitate high performance outcomes for their staff and customers. NEED HELP NOW? +61 403 327 323 | david.allara@konnectus.com.au

I co-founded and now manage the specialist Audio Visual and Technology (AVT) consulting firm konnectus. My team and I have decades of experience customising AVT solutions for modern workspace, education, government, retail, hospitality, entertainment and more.

It may seem obvious, but an organisation's investment in AVT can only provide material returns when the following key points can be claimed:
🔑 The AVT provides a significant and measurable improvement in experience and/or efficiency for your people and organisation
🔑 Your people embrace the AVT and find it easy to use
🔑 The AVT is robust and reliable

No one understands the importance of the above 3 points more than I do, and I am proud to lead a passionate team of technology consultants, engineers, designers, project managers, and trainers at konnectus who are driven to deliver these outcomes.

The konnectus team has delivered user friendly, fit for purpose, and crystal clear audio and video systems to more than 1500 spaces across 300+ projects throughout the ANZ region. Our proven process has helped over 100 medium to large organisations in 8 different industries.

Clients that work with my team and I save at least 20% on initial AVT investments, and over 50% on ongoing annual operational costs.

I GUARANTEE to deliver the agreed set of results on every project. No exceptions

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✅ 7 Step Guide to Deliver Successful AV Technology Projects: https://bit.ly/7-Step-Essential-AV-Guide
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AVIXA Insights Events

State of the AV Industry – An Australian Perspective

As a speaker at a recent industry event, I had the privilege of discussing the current state of the AV industry. In this article, I share some of the key takeaways from the conversations with industry experts representing manufacturing, integration, consulting, and our trade association AVIXA.

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Feb 22, 2024

Excellent summary @Alexis Bou Farhat, CTS-D, CTS-I. We run our business this exact way as described. It is a trusted recipe for guaranteed success for our clients! Thanks for the in depth share

Feb 21, 2024
Replying to Russel Brow

Well, our corporate security has Spotify blocked for employees so were not able to access the link (requested access, but not likely they will grant it). Any chance the audio file can be uploaded here for folks to take a listen directly or posted on an AVIXA URL as opposed to Spotify? 

Hi Russel. The Tech Simple podcast is also available on other main platforms such as Apple, Google, and Amazon if that helps. We will also upload to konnectus.com.au under the podcast tab in the coming days. Thanks.

Feb 20, 2024
Replying to Jonathan Seller, CAE

Really enjoyed listening to this podcast, Thankyou to David and Jonathan for taking the time to produce it. I look forward to hearing more of "Season 2" as they get released.

I found the discussion around AI and One of a kind towards the end of the program interesting and oddly reassuring.

Thanks @Jonathan Seller, CAE. So glad you found the topics interesting. We really enjoyed the insights shared by @Sean Wargo -- AVIXA and @Peter Hansen - AVIXA 

Feb 17, 2024
Replying to Md sadek Hossain

How can I discuss, I could not participate

Hi @Md sadek Hossain . By discuss it is referring to the 4 people have a discussion on the podcast episode. Hope you enjoyed the content on the show though.

Feb 15, 2024
Replying to Phil King

Really didn't tell me very much about how to specify the "correct quality" of cable

Hi @Phil King. Thanks for the comment. That is true. Specifying the correct quality cable would be a longer video and more project or system example related. This video is more high level and shares some basic best practices. Cheers. David

Nov 30, 2023

It's incredible to see how this discussion delves into the multifaceted aspects of standardizing AV across organizational environments. The distinction between global and local standardization and the recognition of areas that resist standardization provide a comprehensive view of the challenges and opportunities in implementing AV standards.

This episode seems like a valuable resource for anyone navigating the complexities of AV integration within workplaces - thank you for sharing @David Allara 

Thanks @Franciele Mesadri - AVIXA . Appreciate the positive feedback and glad you got some good information from the chat

Nov 23, 2023

The AV industry, as a highly specialized specialty requires strong technical foundations, however, that is just one part of the equation, where the second should definitely be considering the End User in all moments.

As we are able to include more user-centric and people-oriented activities, we will definitely see better projects.

Great insights @David Allara !

Gracias Sergio!

Nov 15, 2023
Replying to Monisha Devaiah

Thanks for sharing the podcast @David Allara. Very informative case study and insights that emphasize the importance of AV standards.

Thanks Monisha