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I lead AVIXA’s Latin America marketing and communications initiatives and I look forward to making new connections on the Xchange.




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Jan 09, 2023
Replying to Diana Quintero

Hello @Lisa Matthews, CTS you made went into the map to finally find the name. I could not remember!!! "Restaurante La tabla" for those who want to stay around and close the hotel or convention center.

We had the opportunity to taste excellent restaurants, but one memorable was "La Flauta: it was a recommended place by a chef friend. A must-try. I am excited to read all the recommendations here!

I invite to @Franciele Mesadri, @Gina Soraya Gonzalez Lezama, @Ojeny Magdy @Carla Charlton to share their recommendations!

Hi @Lisa Matthews, CTS Hi @Diana Quintero 

We went to ¨Negro-Rojo¨ and I totally recommend it. It has two distinct spaces with different personalities: on the Top is Negro, where international cuisine is served in a modern setting, and below is Rojo, a lively environment serving Japanese food with an open kitchen and shared tables.

It is quite popular with locals and tourists and seems to be a trendy place to visit for a good meal and a must-visit in the city.

Oct 06, 2022

Muy contenta por la invitación y de poder compartir opiniones con Adriana Montañez Pazos sobre como podemos usar al marketing para mejorar los resultados en diferentes aspectos de la empresa.

Los invito a todos, y en especial a los que son de la industria audiovisual, a registrarse al CongresoAVIXA para ver esta y otras charlas igualmente interesantes:

Aug 26, 2022

Great insights, thank you for sharing them @Monisha Devaiah 

Jun 27, 2022

Parabéns Robledo! 

Jun 24, 2022

Ótimo material. Para participar dos próximos cursos fique atento aos nossos emails e ao calendário de eventos do nosso site:

Jan 19, 2022

¡Felicitaciones a las ganadoras!