María Friedlmeier: Xchange Community Spotlight

“My path in the AV industry has been a long one because I started hearing about the industry when I was only three years old!” said María Friedlmeier, our March community spotlight. For María, AV runs in the family.
María Friedlmeier: Xchange Community Spotlight

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We’ve started a new spotlight series on AVIXA's Xchange, showcasing some of our community's most active members. And next on our list is @María Eugenia Friedlmeier, who has been around the AV industry all her life. For María, AV runs in the family.

“My path in the AV industry has been a long one because I started hearing about the industry when I was only three years old!” said María. “My mom was a founder of Projects Entity Dales in 1996, and she is now the CEO of Molver Technology.”

@Molver Technology S.A. is a company focused on the integration of technological systems and platforms in a productive environment, searching for the best user experience. They have developed enterprise services that integrate a complete ecosystem to create a hybrid workspace that covers all dimensions by implementing unified tools. As a Market Developer for Molver Technology SA, María continues to grow with the evolving industry.

“I live in Italy, and Molver is an Argentinian company, so I work for them remotely,” said María. “This market just continues growing and innovating every day, so we try to grow with it. We’re trying to expand ourselves, so we are making new contacts every day and being innovative in our own way. And I continue growing with the industry, too.”

While working there, María discovered the importance of transversal contacts in organizations. She emphasizes their effectiveness for proper communication. Transversal contacts are interactions and collaborations that occur across different departments or teams instead of within a single team. These contacts are essential for breaking down organizational silos.

“Marketing can generate transversal contacts in organizations to speak with each area and from all perspectives. Then, everyone sees the issue from different places. And marketing can collaborate with AV companies to reach other sectors,” explained María.

On Xchange, María often writes informative articles in Spanish, publishing valuable content like this latest post. Additionally, Molver Technology SA has its own page on Xchange.

“My daily routine starts with Xchange posts and reading some news from the industry,” said María about Xchange. “I think that Xchange is an inspiring platform because it brings together different voices. We come from different parts of the world and have different approaches, different specializations, but we are all talking together on the same platform, making a community.”

Thank you @María Eugenia Friedlmeier! Check out previous spotlights by clicking on the badge labeled Community Spotlight. And remember to follow the Xchange Community Spotlight page as we post monthly spotlights. 

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I know it's tooting my own horn a bit, but the amount of inter-team coordination that marketers have just by doing marketing work is astounding. Also having worked with international teams, that's equally as big of a challenge! Always huge props to folks who can manage it all!

María Eugenia Friedlmeier's journey in the AV industry is truly inspiring! From being immersed in the industry from a young age to now contributing to its growth and innovation, she exemplifies dedication and passion. It's impressive how she bridges geographical boundaries, working remotely for Molver Technology SA while living in Italy. Her insights on the importance of transversal contacts within organizations highlight her understanding of effective communication and collaboration. It's great to see her active participation in AVIXA's Xchange, sharing valuable content, and being part of a diverse and supportive community. Keep shining, @María Eugenia Friedlmeier! Your contributions are invaluable to the AV industry! 

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5 months ago

Amazing work and journey! It's always fun to see careers and industry interests being passed down in families. Very cool

@María Eugenia Friedlmeier, I've always enjoyed your articles and comments on Xchange - what a privilege to get to hear your story and learn more about @Molver Technology S.A.! Thanks for letting us get to know you. And, of course, I LOVE hearing how you view and use Xchange! 

Congrats @María Eugenia Friedlmeier , a great example of professionalism and perseverance.