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I've been in the low voltage industry for my entire career in sales management / consulting / business development roles. I currently head up Axis network audio initiative in the US. Many know Axis as the first company to offer IP cameras. Sales are north of $1B and we are part of the Cannon Corporation.

But many are unaware that we offer a complete portfolio of complimentary solutions such as Network audio. So what differentiates Axis audio from the thousands of other speaker manufacturers you ask?

All of our speakers are PoE (nothing revolutionary there) BUT what is unique is that each speaker comes with built in, license free, configuration software. PoE switch to our speaker and you have a complete system.

Axis Audio Manger Edge software allows you to;

Configure 200 speakers (up to 20 zones), Store prerecorded messages, weekly scheduling to play those messages or change content sources, built in microphone for two way conversations, LED's that can be activated based on specific events, 4 levels of priority, DSP, health monitoring, PoE powered, two way communications and more. We even have A/D converters providing network capability to legacy analog gear.

Larger more complex projects requiring up to 5,00 speakers and 100+ zones can be handled by Axis Audio Manager Pro. A server or e-license browser based solution. More information can be found here: 

Check us out our latest gear and complete end to end solutions using audio, video, intercom, analytics and more at Infocomm 2023 booth #5450.

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Apr 05, 2023
Replying to chris wildfoerster

Axis Communications is more than just a camera company, mush more...

Not only are we "mush" more but much more too :-)

Mar 31, 2023

Hi Ben, I 100% agree. Axis Network Audio products have been doing this for years. We've used PoE technology in all of our speakers and included configuration software in each for easier decentralized communications via the clients infrastructure. Combined with our IP based security, intercom, VMS and more, we provide seamless integration between security and PA.

Our Audio Manager Edge software does the work of many traditional AV components.  Such as:

Zoning (200 speakers up to 20 zones)

Pre recorded message playback stored in the speakers

Built in I/O's to trigger other devices

Built in LED's that can be p[programmed to specific events

Built in mic for listening in or two way communications

Line / mic in if remote mounting of mic is required

DSP to ensure the audio sounds natural replacing DSP processors and EQ's

Health monitoring

Weekly scheduling of messages and events

PoE power eliminates racks, power amplifiers and the space needed to install them

Remote control and monitoring via browser keeps unwanted hands from changing settings

All this is done via hardware and software axis communications

You can see what we have in more detail by visiting