How an Acoustics Professional adds Value to a Workplace Design

The Tech Simple Podcast with hosts David Allara and Jonathan Cuthbertson Featuring special guest Daniel Natoli from AKA Acoustics
How an Acoustics Professional adds Value to a Workplace Design

There are many elements to consider when designing or refreshing a workplace. Workflows, employee experience, customer experience, interior design, tech tools and connectivity, building services, lighting, air quality. The list is long. In this episode of the Tech Simple podcast, we are talking about acoustics, which is so important to consider when planning and creating your workplace. As always David and Jonathan are joined by an expert in the field Daniel Natoli, the Director and founder of AKA Acoustics. 

Daniel reminds us how he and professionals in his field can optimise comfort levels for people in all types of environments – whether it be a conference room, open working area, building lobby area, or an entertainment venue. We can all think of times or locations where we were straining to hear or overcome by unwanted noise, which subconsciously sapped our energy. When the opposite is true, and a listening experience is joyful we can sometimes take for granted how this came to be. Enter the work of an acoustics professional. 

Tune in to learn about the dos and don’ts of acoustics in the workplace as well as some tips and tricks that Daniel shares. He also talks through acoustics in meeting spaces and details some example case studies, which are highly insightful and a must listen. 


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