The Importance of Room Design to Optimise AV Upgrades

Part 1 of a conversation with well known AVIXA expert Greg Jeffreys
The Importance of Room Design to Optimise AV Upgrades

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The @konnectus Pty Ltd  team have been very fortunate again to have the opportunity to chat with another expert guest on the podcast. The link to the latest season 2 episode is here below 👇

@Greg Jeffreys is an expert on room design standards, displays, lighting, meeting and teaching spaces, and Microsoft Teams Rooms. He joins David Allara and @Jonathan Cuthbertson on this episode of The Tech Simple Podcast, which is so rich in nuggets of gold that we had to split the recording across two parts!

In Part 1 we learn about Greg's approach to design, which very much starts with the end users and the experience that needs to be created for them. He talks through his process and shares why technology is not always the answer – it is only a part of the overall solution and experience.

Greg also notes the hangover that still lingers from the global pandemic. At that time there was a rush to get technology solutions up and running as quickly as possible. Complying with standards and good practice design went out the window. Four years on we still see this approach to AV technology and meeting space design in many cases and we discuss why that is as well as the detrimental implications.

We pick Greg's brain on the AV technology and trends he is most impressed with at the moment, and you may find his responses quite surprising. Enjoy the show and remember to look out for Part 2 in a few weeks time to listen to the entire conversation.

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