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Nov 27, 2023

I love being able to walk into a store and get the help I need without having to find an employee. More stores need to implement technology like this.

Nov 27, 2023

It's experiences like these that help open people's eyes - especially our youth, who grow up on screens - and allow them to really understand what the issues are, where they are, and what they can do to help.

Nov 14, 2023

The planning it must take to deploy something like this across 25 rooms that not all serve the same! I have been in meeting rooms before that did not have proper set ups and it definitely makes a difference.

Nov 14, 2023

Growing up in the United States, it's hard to imagine wanting to go to school but not being able to because of distance/weather. This is a great solution that sounds like it is paying dividends.

Nov 06, 2023

Amazing work! I don't know if I will ever find myself in Jordan but, if I do, I know where to stay!

Nov 06, 2023

It's amazing how far technology has come. Imagine if we had something like this when we were in school. It would have made learning a lot more fun and engaging! I imagine this would also help students that are struggling with a subject or find it boring.

Oct 03, 2023

Great post! I found the fact about the reduced perception of wait times especially interesting. I have never though about it, but it makes sense.

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Sep 05, 2023
Replying to Matthew Pana

How can I subscribe to educational emails? I'd love to signup ASAP for this!

Hi Matthew! If you login to your AVIXA profile and click on Newsletter Subscriptions, you can manage everything from there.

Since I know you are interested in our December course, I will personally reach out to you when registration opens.