32 Digital Signage Statistics that Prove its Effective and that it Works

32 Digital Signage Statistics that Prove its Effective and that it Works

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We have stated this before and we very well would like to repeat this – the power of digital communication cannot be underestimated! Now more than ever.

To back it up, today we are bringing you 32 proven statistics for digital signage in different industries that show how useful they can be.

If you are still in jitters about employing them for your business, read on and we are sure this infographic will help.

digital signage statistics for all industriesSource: 32 Statistics on Digital Signage that Prove it Works

To sum it up, digital signage reach around 135 million in a week. If you are looking to expand your business and grab more customers, it’s about time you start using digital signage to connect with your customers digitally.

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Go to the profile of Sonya Verheyden
9 months ago

Love those data points. It's the "8 out of 10 make an unplanned purchase" that we see all the time. Businesses use us because they want digital in those very places where they know it will drive that unplanned purchase. We call it the "moment of decision". Problem is traditional digital doesn't always fit in those "places"... That's where we play and why that 8 out of 10 is what we see so much. Those that say they can't measure ROI from digital are doing digital all wrong! Thanks for sharing!

Go to the profile of Mitesh Patel
6 months ago

Thanks for reading the article hope you enjoyed it. Share it with someone who may like to read it