Tobi Tungl (He/Him)

Chief Marketing Officer, CTI

About Tobi Tungl

With a distinguished career in sales, I bring a seasoned perspective to the realm of marketing leadership, blending a discerning eye for creativity with a methodical, analytical approach to drive multifaceted projects toward both aesthetic excellence and organizational success. My unwavering attention to the grand vision, operational intricacies, and meticulous details consistently yields top-tier outcomes.

I am fueled by an unwavering commitment to fostering innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

For me, it's always culture above everything else, an ethos that drives my commitment to elevating the marketing domain.

Always embracing the positivity in the possibility!

I love making new professional connections. Contact me if you want to talk AV, business, cycling or yoga.

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AV/IT Integration Business Consulting Content Creation Live Events/Meeting Planning


Executive Office/Owner



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