Elman Sharifov, CTS, PMP, MBA (He/Him)

AV Project Manager / AV system Designer, Proav

About Elman Sharifov, CTS, PMP, MBA

AV project manager and system designer over 7+ years experience

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Architecture/ Engineering AV/IT Integration Distributor



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Command and Control Business of AV

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CTS Holders Group

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Dear Alexis. Thanks for the post. 

You wrote most of aspects. I think, at first viewing distance and type of content are important. Then we can go through the points that you mentioned above. 

Replying to Jarle Henriksen

What about Yamaha DSPs ?

Dear Jarle, 

Yamaha has only one distributor in our country and because of not separating retail part from professional part, I could not have a chance to work with Yamaha DSPs. (We tried several times to have an agreement)

I have looked at their system, DSPs, controllers and microphones. They have not big choice of controllers and microphones for different type of projects. DSPs seems good as others.

So, I would not choose Yamaha DSPs as a good solution