Michelle Muggli - AVIXA (She/Her)

Manager, Digital Product, AVIXA

Yealink is a global-leading provider of Unified Communication & Collaboration Solutions specialized in video conferencing, voice communications, and collaboration, dedicated to helping every person and organization embrace the power of "Easy Collaboration, High Productivity". Trusted by top partners, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Qualcomm, Yealink continues to provide the most reliable products and services in strategic product lines, including Desk Phone, Video Conferencing Solutions and Headsets.


Exertis Almo is the largest value-added North American Professional AV distributor offering its manufacturer and reseller partners the most expansive range of products, managed services, technical support and training to drive business growth and generate profits. Formed in 2022 following Exertis’ acquisition of Almo Corporation, Exertis Almo harnesses the combined sales, service, marketing and subject matter expertise of Almo Professional A/V and Exertis Pro AV to deliver customized business development strategies, programs and educational events that enable partners to thrive. With a highly-accomplished joint leadership team, more than 300 employees, 16 distribution facilities, and 2.7 million square feet of warehousing space, Exertis Almo provides the specialization and resources its partners need while maintaining the personal distribution approach they expect. For more information about Exertis Almo, go to www.ExertisAlmo.com.

Total Audio Solution Provider

Yamaha has prospered in a variety of businesses devoted to audio and music over 130-year history of making pianos, band and orchestral instruments, guitars, and electronic keyboards, as well as audio products for professional, home-use, and conferencing. We provide the best audio experience with a wide range of products and services, covering industries such as education, enterprise, house of worship, live entertainment, and more.

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Have you ever wished there was an easy way to improve the sound quality for your projects? Remote conferencing, Live performance and installed solutions …Yamaha offers solutions bringing new technologies to an even wider range of applications!

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Yamaha's Worldwide Business Network

Yamaha has more than 60 group companies in the world which allow us to work more closely to the customers.
  • Yamaha Corporation of America : California, U.S.A. Business : Import and sales of musical instruments and audio equipment
  • Yamaha Unified Communications, Inc. : Massachusetts, U.S.A. Business : Development, manufacturing, and sale of wireless conference phones and wireless microphone systems
  • Yamaha Music Europe GmbH : Rellingen, Germany Business : Import and sales of musical instruments and audio equipment
  • Nexo S.A : Plailly, France Business : Manufacturing and sales of large-scale, high-output speaker equipment

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LAVNCH [CODE] serves technology enthusiasts with the emerging technology news and advice they crave—covering extended reality, experiential advertising, virtual production, and more!

The HDBaseT Alliance advances and promotes the adoption of HDBaseT technology as the global standard for ultra-high-definition multimedia distribution. Since its founding in 2010 by LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Valens Semiconductors, the Alliance has brought together the leading names in the consumer electronics, professional AV, industrial and medical verticals, today boasting more than 200 members and thousands of interoperable products.

At Newtech Group, we guide our customers throughout their digital transformation and technological adoption journey. Making complex communications and collaborations solutions simple for all types of organizations. We streamline and transform traditional channels into agile and effective ones, allowing for greater efficiency and productivity.

We started the business 22 years ago but before those years we inaugurated the first videoconference service though Latam in 1989, leading us today to help the customers in design and deployments of MTR rooms.  Our knowledge on phone system integration evolved from LCS (Live Communications Services) to OCS (Office Communication Services), to Skype for Business, and now to Microsoft Teams. As we continue to grow, we are leveraging our expertise in audio and video, adoption and change management, cognitive services, and software development, we provide a comprehensive view to ensure successful customer outcomes.

Partnering with Microsoft in many areas: FastTrack Ready Partner, Microsoft Teams Rooms partner program, JumpStart Employee Experience Viva program and performing as an ISV to develop extensions to the Microsoft 365 platform, positions us to tackle customer issues from different fronts. Besides, we have strategic partnerships with global hardware vendors, like Poly/HP, Logitech, Crestron, Lenovo, Jabra, Cisco, Neat, Yealink, Jupiter and more to complete our offering.

We provide services throughout Latin America with commercial offices in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Panama, Brasil and the United States.

Tobi Tungl

Chief Marketing Officer, CTI

With a distinguished career in sales, I bring a seasoned perspective to the realm of marketing leadership, blending a discerning eye for creativity with a methodical, analytical approach to drive multifaceted projects toward both aesthetic excellence and organizational success. My unwavering attention to the grand vision, operational intricacies, and meticulous details consistently yields top-tier outcomes.

I am fueled by an unwavering commitment to fostering innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

For me, it's always culture above everything else, an ethos that drives my commitment to elevating the marketing domain.

Always embracing the positivity in the possibility!

I love making new professional connections. Contact me if you want to talk AV, business, cycling or yoga.

Shelby Hill

President, Next Leader Up

Sanj Surati

Digital Atelier, Tiger Heart

I am an award winning multi disciplined Digital Creative with over twenty years of experience within the music, fashion and luxury industries. I attribute all of my success to all of the teams I have worked with, as without them none of my achievements would have been possible. I started work in the Music Business developing an understanding of ecommerce and social trends within the web back in the late 90s. From there I started to help Digital Start Ups target Music Industry Professionals during the seismic shift of consumer habit evolution from physical products to digital. My exposure to luxury began when the Head of Music at Burberry approached me regarding the use of holographic technology for a show in Beijing back in 2011. Over 120 million viewers watched the show live. Since then I have worked with some of the biggest luxury brands in the world. My specialty is working with technology to develop new live digital experiences for the purpose of product launches and experiential events. I have worked with many award winning artists and have brokered some exciting initiatives with some of the biggest brands in the world. My most notable project so far being part of the team that delivered the 2Pac hologram at Coachella back in 2012. This initiative won Titanium at the Cannes Lions and broke Digital PR Records faster than anything before that feat. I am the lead singer in a political rock band and I love scarves and trainers. Favourite projects so far: Producing the Magic Mirror installations for Charlotte Tilbury, wowing the Chef de Cave of Dom Perignon and delivering the world’s largest holographic installation for Alfred Dunhill in Shanghai. May 2017: I have just set up my own agency called Tiger Heart which is the next stage in my digital journey.
Samantha Powell

Manager, Industry Advocacy, AVIXA

Paco Garcia

CEO , Noise Comuncación

Con mas de dos décadas de experiencia trabajando en marketing, comunicación y ventas para algunas de las marcas más destacadas a nivel nacional e internacional, y movido por las carencias que encontraba en mi día a día a nivel de comunicación decidí embarcarme en mi propio proyecto, dando vida a www.sonidoeiluminacion.com

Gracias a un enfoque en contenido de calidad y objetivo en el sector AV enfocado en la comunidad hispano parlante alrededor del mundo, www.sonidoeiluminacion.com se convirtió rápidamente en un referente dentro de nuestro querido sector. No obstante, el éxito de esta iniciativa me llevó a ver la necesidad de expandir nuestras fronteras y diversificar nuestra oferta.

Tras tres años de trayectoria con www.sonidoeiluminacion.com , decidimos ampliar nuestro porfolio de marcas con www.integracion-audiovisual.com, lo que nos ha permitido especializarnos aún más en el sector AV. Poco tiempo después se incorporaron www.AV-red.com y www.Noise-TV.com y Smart-AV

Fue así como surgió Noise Comunicación, un grupo de medios especializado en el sector AV de habla hispana, que da cobertura a mas de 350k visitantes mensuales alrededor del mundo.

A lo largo de estos años, he tenido el honor de trabajar junto a un equipo talentoso y comprometido que comparte mi visión, amor y dedicación por el sector audiovisual. Creemos firmemente en el poder de la colaboración, por lo que en Noise Comunicación nos esforzamos por trabajar codo con codo con nuestros clientes, promocionando sus productos, servicios e instalaciones, y dando cobertura especificas a sus necesidades de marketing y comunicación.

Siempre en busca de la excelencia, la mejora y adaptación a nuevas tendencias, formatos y tecnologías, nuestro éxito radica en nuestra capacidad para escuchar, entender y responder a las necesidades de nuestros clientes y audiencia.


With more than two decades of experience working in marketing, communication and sales for some of the most prominent brands nationally and internationally, and driven by the shortcomings I found in my day to day communication I decided to embark on my own project, giving life to www.sonidoeiluminacion.com.

Thanks to a focus on quality and objective content in the AV sector focused on the Spanish-speaking community around the world, www.sonidoeiluminacion.com quickly became a reference in our beloved sector. However, the success of this initiative led me to see the need to expand our borders and diversify our offer.

After three years with www.sonidoeiluminacion.com , we decided to expand our brand portfolio with www.integracion-audiovisual.com, which has allowed us to specialise even more in the AV sector. Shortly afterwards, www.AV-red.com and www.Noise-TV.com and Smart-AV joined the company.

This is how Noise Comunicación was born, a media group specialised in the Spanish-speaking AV sector, covering more than 350k monthly visitors around the world.

Throughout these years, I have had the honour of working alongside a talented and committed team that shares my vision, love and dedication to the audiovisual sector. We firmly believe in the power of collaboration, which is why at Noise Comunicación we strive to work closely with our clients, promoting their products, services and facilities, and providing specific coverage for their marketing and communication needs.

Always in search of excellence, improvement and adaptation to new trends, formats and technologies, our success lies in our ability to listen, understand and respond to the needs of our clients and audience.

Mark Alan Coxon

Business Development Director, XTG, AVI-SPL

Kristi Ross-Clausen

QA/Stagehand, Arrow AV Group/IATSE

Kelly Bousman

SVP Marketing, AVI-SPL

Jenny Hicks

Group Head of Technology, Midwich Group PLC

Jennifer Steinhardt

AV Design Associate, Shen Milson & Wilke

Frank Padikkala

Technical Sales Engineer, Audinate

Frank is an IT/AV Evangelist in the AV Industry. Frank strives to bridge the knowledge gap between Tech disciplines. As a self proclaimed "cert junkie" he holds more than 10+ IT/AV Industry certifications, along with an MS in Cyber-Security/Information Assurance and BS in IT Sec.

Frank is active on social media, is a life-long learner and believes in constant self-improvement. He contributes as an SME to AV publications and IT/Cybersecurity podcasts and events. He also hosts ITFactor, an IT - AV - Tech centric podcast on www.avnation.tv

He volunteers with AVIXA currently serving as the Chair of the Diversity Council where he is constantly mentoring and creating opportunities for community development through open communication.

Erica Carroll

Sr Manager, Product Training & Adoption, Mersive

  • AVIXA Learning & Content Committee Chair
  • AVIXA Women's Council Local Leader - Atlanta
  • 10+ years in AV, exclusively in manufacturer training
Dave Hatz

VP of Technology, RoomReady

Chanan Averbuch

EVP of The Americas, Primeview

Primeview was launched in 1997 as a company specializing in Visual Solutions, with a focus on the corporate market. Primeview designs produces and delivers cutting-edge visual display technology for a wide variety of markets. Our diverse team of artists, engineers, animators, producers and developers work seamlessly to bring your vision into reality. From captivating digital-out-of-home (DOOH) engagements, casinos, LED Spectaculars, retail facelifts, hospitality, real-estate sales offices, eSports, workplace ‘wow’ factors, digital art, data visualizations, one-of-a-kind forced prospective or anamorphic environments, we help you elevate your visual experience. Primeview is committed to embracing your content challenges.