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Frank is an IT/AV Evangelist in the AV Industry. Frank strives to bridge the knowledge gap between Tech disciplines. As a self proclaimed "cert junkie" he holds more than 10+ IT/AV Industry certifications, along with an MS in Cyber-Security/Information Assurance and BS in IT Sec.

Frank is active on social media, is a life-long learner and believes in constant self-improvement. He contributes as an SME to AV publications and IT/Cybersecurity podcasts and events. He also hosts ITFactor, an IT - AV - Tech centric podcast on

He volunteers with AVIXA currently serving as the Chair of the Diversity Council where he is constantly mentoring and creating opportunities for community development through open communication.

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May 15, 2023

@Frank Padikkala, way to jump in today! Always love hearing your take on things - even if the topic of AI creating a Crestron Program gives you a panic attack (future topic to explore?)! 

Great job, @Gibran Nassif. What's on tap for the next episode?

Thanks @Lisa Matthews, CTS! That was a whole lot of fun!

Oct 25, 2022

This was amazingly fun! Clearly my definition of fun is not what everyone thinks, but hey :)

Jun 14, 2022

I didnt realize XChanger - was catching on lol.