[LIVE Audio Event] Bridge the Gap: IT and AV

Gibran Nassif will be joined by leading industry pros to explore bridging the AV/IT gap
[LIVE Audio Event] Bridge the Gap: IT and AV

Join @AVIXA's @Gibran Nassif as he hosts this second LinkedIn Live audio event today from 1 - 2PM EST! He'll be joined by @Aaron Weiler, Senior Sales Engineer, Comcast, and Jimmy Vaughn, Partner Technical Specialist, Microsoft. Guaranteed to be a great conversation! Add it to your calendar and listen in! 

Bridging the Gap: IT and AV

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@Frank Padikkala, way to jump in today! Always love hearing your take on things - even if the topic of AI creating a Crestron Program gives you a panic attack (future topic to explore?)! 

Great job, @Gibran Nassif. What's on tap for the next episode?

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4 months ago

Thanks @Lisa Matthews, CTS! That was a whole lot of fun!

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4 months ago

Thanks! More IT and AV live events post infocomm!