Working at a Scale Up

What is it like working at a scale up?
Working at a Scale Up

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I have worked in a number of different roles and especially at a number of different companies over the span of my career, however the biggest change came when I joined signageOS. Prior to joining the signageOS team I was working at Amazon as an account manager taking care of the top Italian accounts and panEU accounts in the area of search marketing. There were big budgets with big gains and along with that, a huge team. The team was very structured with lots of policies and procedures in place and my department alone had over 600 employees spread over 3 continents. 

signageOS, on the other hand, is a small company compared to Amazon with a total of over 30 employees however it punches above its weight. On paper, digital paper, there are different teams however everyone works together for a common goal, a better product and a better customer experience.

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My role is the Senior Inbound Marketing Manager however this is no indication of what my day-to-day tasks include. Due to the small size of the team, I have had the opportunity to be more involved in graphic design, HR planning as well as team development. I have a true opportunity on a daily basis to make an impact at signageOS which is only possible due to the high level of trust given to me. 

Working for a small company is not for everyone, there is a need to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty and be willing to put all of your passion into your role, but the rewards are also much greater. You have to be great at thinking quickly on your feet and have an ability to multitask, ensuring to meet the customers needs as well as looking out for the company's long-term interests. There can be some long days and hard decisions to be made, but it can be eased if you are a part of a great team. 

I have found such a team at signageOS, along with the team events and functions there is also a great culture of looking after each other and not only on a professional level. It is highlighted and enforced that we have a life outside of work and that we need to ensure everything works together in harmony. If you haven’t ever tried it, I would recommend working for a small scale company or better yet join the signageOS team. 

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Go to the profile of Lisa Matthews, CTS - AVIXA
almost 2 years ago

@Martin Vallo , what a testimonial! For those wanting to explore opportunities with signageOS, their contact info is listed on their profile. Or I imagine Martin would be happy to hear from you as well - just hover over his name and click to start a conversation with him.

Go to the profile of Martin Vallo
almost 2 years ago

Thanks @Lisa Matthews, CTS, for sure I'm happy to have a chat with anyone that wants to know more about @signageOS,  or digital signage in general.