signageOS & Sensors an Easy Solution

An easy custom sensor solution, developed in hours instead of months.
signageOS & Sensors an Easy Solution

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The use of sensors in a variety of applications from retail to manufacturing is increasing on a daily basis. Sensors provide vital information for companies, closing the feedback loop by bringing the offline world online to allow for data analysis and product improvement. This feedback in relation to product performance is vital to maintain product superiority and maintain the leading edge. 

Nexmosphere develops and manufactures sensors and controls, offering a platform solution for interactive components in digital signage installations and POS. Nexmosphere’s Xperience platform is valued for its robustness, cost-effectiveness, and plug-and-smile interfacing. The use of Nexmosphere sensors is easier than ever before making them an ideal partner for signageOS.

signageOS provides the capability for companies to use sensors in a variety of applications and create a custom setup that only takes a few hours instead of months of development. signageOS is the ideal solution for sensor integration as it is the world’s first unification platform for digital signage, enabling companies to integrate, deploy, and manage scalable networks of any digital signage hardware. It manages this through the use of its single codebase approach as well as unified and standardized APIs. 

signageOS has recently applied this knowledge at its annual Samsung Developer Day with the Samsung Kiosk in conjunction with Nexmosphere sensors. signageOS created an everyday use case scenario for the rent and return of a car providing a smooth, stress-free experience.

The scenario utilized a variety of sensors to provide an intuitive user experience. Pick-up sensors are connected to trigger specific content, with LED lights to create visual guidelines to help users navigate their experience. People detectors are used to detect and analyze the presence, distance, and demographic of the user which allows for the delivery of the right content at the right time.

This custom scenario provided a real world application which can be found at any airport or large tourist destination and was able to be constructed in just a few hours. The added advantage of this setup is the ability to operate outside of regular hours, reducing the handling time and number of physical staff required. Most importantly, the integration and use of Nexmosphere sensors, together with signageOS’ out-of-the-box solution, improves the final customer experience.

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