signageOS Unveils CloudControl and DevSpace to Drive Tailored Value to its Customers

Innovative features offer enhanced remote device management and custom native app development across any platform.
signageOS Unveils CloudControl and DevSpace to Drive Tailored Value to its Customers

San Francisco, California – June 12, 2023 - signageOS, today announced a split of its core solution into two new products, CloudControl and DevSpace. These products continue to significantly increase the value to any digital signage network by focusing on specific application needs and providing a greater range of capabilities. These introductions are set to provide powerful tools in the form of remote device management and custom native app development, redefining the boundaries of the digital signage industry.

CloudControl is a sophisticated tool that delivers ultimate flexibility and convenience by allowing remote management of different digital signage devices. The platform is uniquely designed to cater to digital signage-specific needs across various platforms and operating systems, whereas traditional device management software often limits users to a single platform. With CloudControl, users can save considerable time and resources by having all of their devices in the single location, irrespective of their operating system or physical location, and maintain a single pane of glass for all activities. CloudControl provides real-time monitoring and alerts, empowering users to proactively address issues, while maximizing device uptime and ensuring optimal performance of their digital signage operations. Coupled with uniquely crafted native core applications capable of self-healing for every single device, CloudControl is the ultimate tool for every digital signage network operator, managed solution company, integrator, content management company or even end users. Companies can either rely on sleek device management UI or leverage comprehensive universal APIs and enhance their own solutions with cross-platform device management integration.

DevSpace serves as a dedicated platform for the development of custom native apps for specific digital signage solutions. Unlike traditional methods that require repeated development, testing, debugging and maintenance for each operating system, DevSpace provides a unified platform where developers can build, test, and debug apps across multiple platforms. Now anyone can transform their code into a native core application for various device brands and types with a single click. This significantly reduces the time spent on revisions and troubleshooting, enabling businesses to roll out their applications faster and more efficiently than ever before. 

Major changes are coming also to the licensing and pricing model. While CloudControl remains licensed per device connected to the platform, with three device plans and add-ons providing different options like SLA, screenshots automation, telemetry data collection, DevSpace licesning is not connected to a number of devices deployed, and is licensed per developer and selected platforms and features. This allows engineering teams to easily predict the costs without worrying about the costs at scale and aqcquire compatibility with as many platforms and operating systems as they need at a fraction of a cost compared to inhouse native development. 

"In our journey, we have come to understand that our customers have two main requirements: a development tool and device management”, says Lukas Danek, CPO. “However, our previous bundled offering sometimes caused confusion. To address this, we have implemented a new multi-product strategy that aligns our licensing and pricing with our customers' specific needs and expectations. This ensures greater clarity and enables us to provide tailored solutions for each customer's unique requirements.”

With these innovations, signageOS reaffirms its position as a leader in the field of digital signage infrastructure, empowering businesses with digital signage needs to fully embrace the technological advancements available and use them to their advantage. It is clear evidence of signageOS's commitment to its vision to make cutting-edge digital signage technology accessible to all, leveling the playing field and opening up exciting opportunities for growth and innovation across the industry.

About signageOS
The world’s leading digital signage innovate platform with the goal to open up the ecosystem to all, including hardware vendors, system integrators, software developers and end customers. signageOS with years of development experience provides unlimited access and unparalleled control to over 40 platforms and operating systems. signageOS streamlines development and operations of large scale digital signage networks. Its products feature remote device management, overcoming the limitations of single-platform software,  and a unique capability to develop and test various native core applications with a single click, all in the one location. 

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