A Year Later: Forbes Next

Digital signage a year later with signageOS.
A Year Later: Forbes Next

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It has been a year since Stan, Lukas and Michael, the three founders of signageOS, have been featured in the Forbes Next magazine. They discussed how an opportunity brought them to create signageOS and the concept that is now present on thousands of screens worldwide. 

There are a number of startups which start with a big hype, but after a short time, vanish into thin air. signageOS isn’t one of them, they are here to stay. Even at the time of the article, the company was already financially self-sustainable. What has changed in a year, and how has the small Prague startup continued to grow into a global digital signage powerhouse?


There are a number of changes that have occurred, some small and others big. The biggest change is the small Prague-based company is now a US-based global leader in digital signage.

A year ago, signageOS was still seated in xPORT, however today it has a large office in Prague with the majority of its developers and an office in San Francisco to better serve the US market.  

Currently, signageOS has about 80% of its customer base located in the US, with the remaining 20% from European clients. Recently it has added a few European and global based partnerships which will be announced shortly.

Not only has the customer base grown, but the team has also grown to consist of more than 40 employees from 10 different nationalities. As the team is very tech-focused, ensuring the product is functional, the biggest additions have been in the developer area with a recent creation of a standalone QA team dedicated to customer support and product evaluation.

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signageOS has also become an industry leader in independent information for the greater digital signage industry. At the start of the year, signageOS was present in Barcelona at ISE 2022 where it provided information on how digital signage can be incorporated into quick service restaurants (QSRs) with ease. Not only was this demonstrated, it was also applied in real life when signageOS digitized the Starbucks Nordic menu boards. More recently, it has teamed up with Invidis to provide information on the evolution of System On Chip (SOC) in digital signage in the past 9 years and how SOCs have bridged the gap with media players. Stan, CEO, also provided information to digital signage leaders on how cloud services and device management are changing the game in digital signage, when he presented at DSSE 2022 in Munich. 

In addition to all of this activity, we have not forgotten our core purpose of providing simple digital signage unification solutions to our customers. The number of devices running signageOS software has increased, our partner base has increased, the support is faster and more detailed, and we have introduced other aspects to the business, such as a hardware certification program. This certification provides hardware manufacturers with a clear indication of the quality of their product, allowing them to assure their clients about their hardware choices. We are growing in leaps and bounds, however as mentioned by Mirek, our CRO, “the onboarding process can be drawn out.” This allows us to provide a true custom solution to each customer.


signageOS has also developed an additional 84 features. These new features make it even easier to manage digital signage hardware with such additions as: screen locations, bulk actions, and dynamic content repositioning. All of these features have increased the ease in which to operate your hardware, and they reinforce what Lukas, the CPO, said, “clients are surprised how easy it is to operate all types of hardware.” 

So what is on the horizon? Where will signageOS be in a year? The sights are firmly set on the North American market. signageOS is also currently in talks with a few global leaders in a number of fields including tech, QSR, and medical, expanding its portfolio of digital signage verticals. It is also expanding its hardware partnerships with a recent addition of Vestel and Sony to the hardware partner team.

It is clear signageOS is here to stay and continuing to push and develop its products by working closely with its clients and partners.

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