Wondering What to Post?

Ideas & Quick Tips for Posting on the Xchange!
Wondering What to Post?

There are numerous ways to contribute to the Xchange – showcasing the sensational projects and the talented people behind them.

Here are just a few ideas to get the juices flowing... 

  1. Everyone enjoys learning through use cases
    • Draft a case study in the body of the post or, if it’s published elsewhere, provide a short summary and add a link to a website, trade publication or social media post.
    • Add some great images and, if you have it on video, add a youtube link!
    • Tag any stakeholders and invite them to add their contributions to the story
    • Finish your post by inviting others to share their experiences or impression.
  2. Ripped from the headlines
    • Did an article grab your attention? Would it be a viable topic to introduce to this community and spin up as a conversation? Would it help educate others as they learn about the industry and solutions it offers?
    • Yes? Then copy the link and start your post. Tell everyone why you think it’s significant and ask them to weigh in or ask questions!
    • Check out: MegaCasting the NCAA Women's Championship

3.   Got a Problem? Have a Solution?

    • Whether you’re an AV User, IT Pro or solutions provider, you’ve got a story to tell. You were faced with a problem – was it projecting across a vast space, getting everyone at the table on camera, getting crisp audio to the back of the room, overcoming noise, capturing the attention of visitors in your lobby or distracting young patients with an engaging display?
    • How was the problem solved?
    • What were the lessons learned?

4.  Tradeshow Talk

    • Are you headed to ISE, InfoComm, Congreso…? What are you looking forward to? What solutions are you most interested in? Pose your question in the events’ room and connect with other show goers and solution providers.
    • Have a solution you’re anxious to tout? Tell attendees what problem it solves and where they can find you!

5.  Educate

    • Post whitepapers, How-To Guides and more. The Xchange is a one-stop resource for all things ProAV. Showcase your expertise and help build a library!

6.  Keepin’ it Positive

7.  Be Trendy

    • Share insights on trending technologies, adjacent technologies, innovative advances in a particular market. How is it being used, where is it going?
    • Check out: Top Enterprise AV Trends for India 2022

Got an idea? Let’s post it!

TIP #1: Where do you want your post to show?

Be sure to select a Channel and/or Room for your content to appear in so that others can easily see it. If you wish, however, to have the content only populate your personal or company profile, you can choose not to select a Channel or Room. In this instance, the content will populate on your profile only.

You can go back and edit the content at anytime and designate it to appear where you wish. If you need to edit a post, choose “My Posts” from the drop down below your avatar in the upper right, right click on the ellipse and select edit .

TIP #2: Like it? Pin It!

Once you’ve created posts, go to edit profile, scroll to the bottom and, from a drop down field, select a piece of content you wish to “Pin” to your profile as “Intro Content”

Now it’s your turn! We look forward to learning!

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Go to the profile of Iulia Popescu
8 months ago

Great tips!

Go to the profile of Lisa Matthews, CTS
3 months ago

Hello Xchange Members! We've had some really great content shared recently. I thought I'd point out a few valuable examples of:

Repurposing a video: Digital Signage SaaS for Integrators

Inviting members to an event: ADI EXPO

Offering a valuable whitepaper: AVI-SPL How to Build a Productive Hybrid Workplace Guide

Linking to featured publication: Hybrid work strengthens the case for AV-as-a-Service

Linking to your website: Why you Should Be Monitoring Your AV Network

Highlighting your partners through @mentions and links: What is Artificial Intelligence?

Sharing knowledge-based content: Finding Your Way with Digital Signage

What type of content keeps YOU coming back to Xchange? What are some of your favorite posts?