Why AV as a Service (AVaaS) is such an appealing model for the Future

Head of Workplace Technology at PwC Australia Peter Tylor gives a client side perspective on AVaaS and why it is a procurement and service model he and many of his peers at other large organisations are now interested in
Why AV as a Service (AVaaS) is such an appealing model for the Future

AVaaS is a relatively new concept for the AV industry and in this episode of the Tech Simple podcast David and Jonathan are joined by Peter Tylor of PwC Australia to discuss AVaaS in detail. Peter leads the workplace technology team at PwC Australia and effectively is the owner of employee technology experience, which is something the firm takes very seriously. 

In this episode we firstly learn from Peter why AVaaS is so attractive to a large enterprise organisation when compared with the normal Cap Ex model of procuring and maintaining the technology. Amongst other reasons, he explains how the ever-shortening life cycles of AV technology and the key goal of guaranteeing the systems to “work first time and every time” for end users are the top drivers to AVaaS being such a desirable model. 

AVaaS has some strong benefits for organisations to consider but at the same time there are limitations. We discuss those and how the vendors in the industry could improve current offerings to make the model more appealing – like other technologies in the workplace that have mature aaS models in place.  

Another remarkably interesting and relevant conversation, and we feel AVaaS will soon be commonplace in the AV industry. 


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