We need your input at the AVIXA Xchange LIVE

I am so excited to meet all of the ISE attendees that will make their way to AVIXA Xchange LIVE this season. We really need to get your input to add to the discussions.

I posted an introduction video on TikTok at the following link:


What are the pressing issues within the AV industry that you want us to highlight in the debates? What challenges does the AV industry face and how do we overcome them. We'd love as much input from you as we heat up towards AVIXA Xchange LIVE. 

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Go to the profile of David Keene
18 days ago

Thanks for hosting SANJ. So many important issues and challenges. In no particular order:

  • Not on the people side per se, but important: Margins/commoditization in AV. Many AV customers can just buy a simple collaboration stack on their own, so how to convince them that there is so much more to AV and experiential and production, and more.
  • “Back to the Office” is only about half way there (for knowledge workers in the U.S.– I don’t have stats on other regions… does anyone here?). How do we support messaging that shows how the ideal office is not what many think, but empowers people to new levels wherever they are – but with an emphasis on new generation offices not WFH. Recent research says that people want to return to the office, but only to one that is not 2019-level but much more– and our industry has the tools to build those offices.
  • Labor shortages (for lack of a better term) in AV: How do we better attract talent to our industry, and keep them here? Broaden the reach, to be more inclusive; Then broaden opportunity for advancement and mentoring and more, both at trade conferences and throughout the year– that last part is the huge challenge: we of course want people coming in person to the Trade events, but DEI is very much about reaching out to people, not just waiting for them to come to you… AVIXA is doing a great job but the challenge is still a big one and more hands are needed on deck.
Go to the profile of Sanj Surati
18 days ago

These are really great questions @David Keene We'll put them on the list for sure. I agree with you regarding the labor shortages in this wonderful and vibrant industry. How do we attract more new and excited talent? Let's see how the discussion pan out in a few weeks. 

Go to the profile of Jaisica Lapsiwala
15 days ago

Thanks for your thoughts @David Keene 👍🏽

 @Matthew De Gannes is running a mind mapping session on Thursday 2nd Feb at 2pm on the subject of Workforce Development: How to Attract and Retain talent?  Please come at join us for this, as it would be great to get your input and come up with some action points. It's at Booth 3Q400.  Hope to see you there!