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Aug 11, 2022

seats still available for Mastering AV Service Management (2nd group)

Seats are still available for the virtual course Mastering AV Service Management (MASM) – the Aspiring Manager Certificate  Get registered before its too late! They're several seats still available in the second group.  Group 2 Introduction (1 hour): Friday, August 26 – 11:00 ESTTutorial 1 (2 to 2 ½ hours): Friday, September 2 – 11:00 ESTTutorial 2 and examination (2 to 2 ½ hours): Friday, September 16 – 11:00 EST Cost List Price/Basic: USD $800  Premium/Elite: USD $720  Instructor  Noel Bruton is a UK-based independent consultant and trainer, specializing in the management of technology support workgroups. He is a bestselling author of books in this field. His experience is sought by commercial and public service organizations, conferences, press and broadcast media around the world. He has been in IT since 1979 and advising corporations on improving IT
Aug 02, 2022

Help shape the future of the CTS exam!

Last month, all CTS, CTS-D and CTS-I holders received an email containing a link to a very important survey. AVIXA® is committed to ensuring the CTS exam remains relevant and valuable to you, your clients, and our industry. As part of that commitment, we go through a process called revalidation every five years. During this process, we gather info on how your jobs have changed and work with test development experts and subject matter experts like you to determine if changes are needed to the exams. Earlier this year, we brought together a global focus group of your peers working in the industry to help us better understand the ways your work has changed. As part of that process, they created a new draft of the CTS exam outline. We would now like your input on this draft. Please take a few minutes to review the proposed changes and make suggestions of your own. We estimate that the survey should take less than 15 minutes. After reviewing your feedback, AVIXA, the Certification Committee, and members of the focus groups will work together with our test development experts to determine what changes will be made to the CTS exam. Changes will not take effect immediately and will be communicated in advance as part of the exam update roll‑out plan next year. If you haven't yet, please help shape your industry and take the survey by Aug. 5, 11:59 pm ET Your responses will be kept confidential. The more responses we get, the more reflective of the industry the exam outlines will be. Have questions about this survey? Contact the Certification Office at for more information.
Jul 26, 2022

CTS-D Prep Virtual Classroom (September) Sold Out!

If you were interested in taking our final CTS-D Prep course of the year and haven't enrolled yet, I have bad news: it is now sold out! We are planning on scheduling our next CTS-D Prep course in Q1 of 2023. If you would like to be contacted when more details become available, please email with the subject line: "CTS-D Prep 2023".
Jul 14, 2022

Want to get more involved? Volunteer and join a council or committee!

Have you been thinking lately that you would like get more involved in the industry and lend your expertise in some way? If so, I have just the thing for you: AVIXA councils and committees! Our councils and committees are always looking to welcome new members. Whether you're an expert on a topic or you just want to learn more and chime in when you can, volunteering your time is one of the best and most rewarding ways to get involved. For more information on volunteering, click here. If you have any questions, please reach out to Tyler Lawrence (
Jul 06, 2022

Upcoming Virtual Classrooms (August-September)

Hello, you wonderful AV professionals! We have five virtual classrooms on the calendar beginning in the next two months. In case you are not in the know, they are as follows (courses that are not hyperlinked are not open for registration yet): Project Management for AV - Fundamentals (Aug 15-24) Digital Signage Certified Expert (Aug 16-18) Mastering AV Systems - The Aspiring Manager (Aug 26 & Sept 16) CTS-D Prep (Sept 6-8 & 13-15) Mastering AV Systems - The Operational Manager (Sept 23, Sept 30, Oct 14 & Oct 28) If you have any questions about any of these classes or need help registering, please send an email to with the class name in the subject line.
Jun 21, 2022

Summer is here! Why not looking into becoming an AVIXA member?

The sun is shining. The flowers are blooming. The air is warm. Today is the first day of summer and what better way to kick off the season than by signing up for an AVIXA membership? Individuals can sign up for a Basic, Premium, or Elite membership to get access to our great on-demand training and discounts on virtual classrooms and exams. Your company can even jump on board as a Bronze, Silver, or Gold member to get your whole team involved. You can find more information here. If you have questions, feel free to post them on the Xchange or reach out to member services at
Apr 27, 2022

Skipping InfoComm this year but still want to take CTS Prep with your peers? Good news!

If you are interested in taking an instructor-led CTS Prep course but aren't coming to the show this year (we will miss you!), we have great news: we will be teaching the course two more times this year virtually! The first course will be taught on June 14-16 and June 21-23 (24 hours over six days) for those of you on summer vacation and the second course will be taught on December 6-8 and December 13-15 (24 hours over six days) because, when it's too cold to go outside, what better way to spend your time? If you would like more details on either course, please email
Apr 05, 2022


AVIXA® has put together a course to guide you through the basic concepts of networking technology, to help you understand how a network works, how is it designed, the role of each component in the network and how to keep it secure, all from the point of view of an AV professional interested in using the network for AV transport.  To learn more about this course and register, click the link below or contact Matt Bercot,  Networking Technology for AV Professionals - April 2022 (
Apr 05, 2022

Are you the head of an AV technical workgroup?

Are you the head of an AV technical workgroup or interested in learning more about it?  Mastering AV Service Management – the Operational Manager Certificate is an up coming courses on how to manage a technical workgroup, it teaches proven, real life techniques, used over many years.   There will be 2 sessions, click links below for more details and to register.  You may also contact Matt Bercot,,  if you have additional questions. Mastering AV Service Management – the Operational Manager Group 1 (   Mastering AV Service Management – the Operational Manager Group 2 (  

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