Volunteers needed!

User Testing Opportunity for AVIXA Xchange Users
Volunteers needed!

Hi! I am posting for the first time here on AVIXA Xchange and I would like to take a minute to introduce myself, and to ask for your help in our upcoming efforts to learn how we can make your experience better when visiting our community. First, I’m Michelle! I joined the AVIXA team in September 2022 as the digital product manager. I am very interested in learning how we at AVIXA can better address all our users’ needs with AVIXA Xchange. The best way for me to learn this is by getting feedback directly from you!

I am looking for volunteers that would be willing to test a prototype of the AVIXA Xchange homepage that is designed to better help users that are looking to purchase a professional AV solution. If you are interested participating in this user test, I would love for you to reach out and provide me with an email address. I will then send you a link to our testing platform that will provide you with a few simple tasks for evaluating the prototype compared to our current homepage. Besides being the first to see what new features we have planned; volunteers will be entered into a drawing to win a $50 Amazon gift card* for participating!

The AVIXA Xchange community is made up of so many passionate people promoting new technologies, advocating for inclusion, and sharing opportunities with each other. I am excited to serve you all and look forward to growing our relationship!


*While anyone is eligible to assist with the user testing exercises, at this time only participants who live in countries where they can accept a digital Amazon gift card are eligible for this drawing.

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Xchange members, please help us shape our community experience by sharing your feedback! @Michelle Muggli and team, thanks for your work on making Xchange such a great way to connect. I look forward to seeing the results! 

Go to the profile of Michelle Muggli - AVIXA
10 months ago

Thanks Lisa!

Go to the profile of Richard Locke
10 months ago

I've viewed AVIXA Xchange as the front door to AVIXA for information and member services. I think I'm wrong.  Navigating between the information stuff and member services is opaque. I'm not able to complete a membership upgrade or get to my CTS transcript without calling Fairfax... 

Go to the profile of Michelle Muggli - AVIXA
10 months ago

Hi Richard, thanks for commenting! I believe most of what you are looking for can be found on AVIXA.org, rather than AVIXA Xchange. Let me know if you'd like to have someone from our customer service team reach out for additional support!

Our volunteers are much appreciated! The winner of the Amazon gift card is Vincent Keane! Thank you to all who responded, I look forward to getting your feedback on our homepage prototype!

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9 months ago

Hi! I can help out testing if it’s not too late. 

Hi Carrie!

I would be happy to include you with the testing! Please email me at mmuggli@avixa.org

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7 months ago

Infocomm already spun off AV-iQ.  It sounds like AVIXA is recreating the wheel.

I am a dealer/integrator who is short-handed and pressed for time.  I wear lots of hats.  AVIXA site visits are rare.  Manufacturers, sales reps, and daily emails provide the information needed.  I can't begin to read all of the emails they send.  How would this help me?

Hi Brent! The goal with this particular study was to test a possible solution to help visitors who are coming to AVIXA Xchange as a buyer. We learned through feedback that the current homepage doesn't give those users an easy way to get started with this journey. We are currently reviewing the solutions we tested to make a decision on what makes sense to implement. For a dealer/integrator like you, we hope this will allow you to connect with those in search of an AV solution more easily.

Go to the profile of Brent Handy
7 months ago

I don't know if you are aware of this but infocomm had something like this and they spun it off. It was called AVIQ. We buy a subscription to have incorporated into our website. It allows customers to see videos and download PDF documents for all products available.  

From my perspective as a dealer, integrator and service provider, I would not see this as something I would use because I already get all of the information I need from the manufacturers directly, AVIQ and all of the other hundreds of emails I receive on a daily basis.

If You had a similar product to AVIQ, that could be incorporated into our websites, then you might have something to offer. This would be a win for us because AVIXA has made The move to engage with end users directly.  It would be nice to have a way to recoup the sales the industry is steering away from the dealers.

Hi @Brent Handy,

Thanks for your comments. Having been a systems designer and marketer for systems integrators, large and small, over the past 20 years, I am familiar with AVIQ and found it a valuable tool. As a community, however, I see Xchange opening up a completely new set of tools for providers in reaching AV/IT end users, helping to inspire, educate and connect them with providers who can solve their problems. Yes, it offers a way for those of us in the industry to connect with peers and potential partners, but it also provides a place for providers to showcase their projects and expertise to end users.

And I get how stretched for time we all are and how many hats we wear, and I think AV users are in the same boat and appreciate having Xchange as a resource – a resource of content and comments contributed by manufacturers, Tech Managers, Systems Integrators, media partners, CTS holders, and more, and with over 600 providers listed who can support them – all in one place.

From an SI perspective, I see Xchange as a marketing tool, an HR resource, a portal for technical staff, a business tool for gleaning market insights, and more. It’s a community. It’s still young, and we’re learning as we go (as this survey opportunity would suggest), but we’ve grown to 11.5K members and we’re not yet a year old. Many members are finding value in various ways but certainly, not everyone will choose to participate.