Your Feedback Needed! - AVIXA App

AVIXA is exploring the option of creating an app for members to make it easier to access the resources that AVIXA offers. We are looking for YOUR feedback!

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We are in the beginning stages of planning an app for AVIXA members, and we want to hear from you! The goal is to create a digital platform that makes it easier for you to access the most important AVIXA resources quickly and conveniently. We've consolidated a list of regularly requested features from previous user surveys and want to learn exactly which of these would be the most important to include in an app.

The survey below is very simple - it will ask you to rank the features according to importance. That's it! If you have a minute to spare, we'd appreciate hearing from you!

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Go to the profile of Jeff Miller
5 months ago

I think the most useful aspect here is putting AVIXA standards, design guides, calculators and text books in the hands (pockets) of AV pros in the field. If all the resources were in one place and fully searchable ( i.e. I can search for DISCAS and see results from the text books, white papers and the calculator in a unified list) that would be absolutely amazing. Being able to take care of RU’s on the go would be great too. 

Go to the profile of Leon Prather, CTS
5 months ago

Hi Jeff! 
Thanks for the feedback. If you have not already done so, could you provide your ranking via the survey link above, too?