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Senior Director of Development, EMEA, AVIXA

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Senior Director of Development for AVIXA in EMEA with over 20 years experience in AV and IT industries.
Started off in sound engineering in the late 90s then pursued a career in IT. After working in web development I returned to AV and have not looked back! I do at times pine to work more directly with the amazing technology available today to help create great AV experiences but I do get to see them being shared and celebrated! I look forward to seeing many of those examples on the Xchange!


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Aug 04, 2022

Great piece and advice David! @Stefanie Hanel @Peter Schädel check this out, helpful for solution providers, like the part about asking if a case study can be done before agreement of the project. So many times AVIXA members do amazing installs but be cannot share the project with anyone!

Jul 14, 2022

This is a great annual publication! Well worth a read.

Feb 24, 2022

Great article, check this out @John Van Hoop @Carla Charlton @Peter Schädel